Loud and Proud – IW Pride Celebration

Happy Pride month Ice Warriors! June is one of my favourite months where we celebrate people of all genders and sexualities! We can be free to love whoever we want to love, show our true colours or even just support our friends and family! June is always jam-packed with love, fun, colours and of course, glitter. Not everybody celebrates pride in the same way, but we dug deep into Ice Warriors to see how we celebrate pride and support our LGBTQ+ community within our army!

Ice Warriors pride banner created by Subster!

To start our post off, the lovely HeadChicken has asked a handful of people within IW, how they celebrate pride! Our community is filled with people of different sexualities and genders and we even have some amazingly supportive pride allies!

Headchicken: Hey guys! As Pride Month has officially started, what are some things you do the celebrate this month of festivities? :prideflag::prideheartrpf:

Kayles: for me, I usually draw art related to pride (such as pride flags) and also by connecting with others about our experiences being in the LGBTQ+ community

Sasha: I usually celebrate pride month by uh connecting with friends who are a part of the lgtbqia+ community,,, both IRL and online,,, about euphoric experiences we’ve had. then I and my sis and my cousin and share our experiences in the LGBTQIA community ❤

Saoirse: to celebrate pride hmm. there’s not much that I can do but I’ll try to wear subtle colours (my fav are my rainbow socks LMFAOO) ill try to make sure to make people comfortable and happy with who they are!!! it’s also my bday month which is slaying! (the pride parade where I live is also on my bday) wishing everyone a happy and safe pride month!!! xx

Josh: As an ally of pride month, I’d celebrate by spreading the word out, making sure that people are definitely proud of who they chose to be!

Drawn by Kayles!

In addition to our personal traditions and celebrations, on 11th June 2022, Ice Warriors celebrated the Rainbow event which was dedicated to Pride Month. We had a lot of fun at the event and we showed that we Ice Warriors are proud to have everyone in here no matter what they identify as or who they are! Be who you are, for your pride.

We even celebrate further, by adding a pride texture pack to our Minecraft server! Be sure to check the server out where Subster has built a Pride flag for all players to admire and enjoy all year round! If you have the Java Version of Minecraft and would like to join our server, please check out the #minecraft-whitelist channel in IW.


This Saturday, Iceyfeet & Max will be hosting a Community Pride Parade on CPAB. This event will be shared across all armies to come together and celebrate this exciting month! Thank you as well to DrQueen and IceQueen for helping with the planning of this event!

Community Pride Parade banner made by Subster

For the Community Pride Parade, the CPAB Designer Team has been working hard to make fully customized Pride rooms for armies to enjoy during their events! Be sure to acquire the new Pride Pin made by the Design Team using the code, !ai 50010 in-game! Now, let’s go to HeadChicken with a showcase of the custom rooms…

First off we have a new town. This room features many different flags and quotes such as “Be Yourself” and “Love Wins”. The progress rainbow pride flag is showcased here, with the white, pink, blue, brown and black stripes as an arrow, representing moving forward in acceptance towards all genders, sexualities, cultures, ethnicities and more! This flag can also be considered the “LGTBQ+ flag” or the “gay flag”!


Next up, we have the docks. This room has a large “Happy Pride” phrase implanted in the middle of the room! At the bottom right, you can also see Ace (A-Sexual) flags. The meaning of Ace or A-Sexual is not being romantically or sexually attracted to someone

Our next room is the stadium! The stadium has been turned into a large Bisexual flag. You can also see that the Fish Dog Umbrella and Snack Shack cover have been transformed into Bisexual flag colours! The meaning of Bi or Bisexual is having an attraction to two or multiple genders.


The next room we will be taking a look at is the plaza! This room is filled with a trail & the front of each of the shops shows off Lesbian flag colours. You can also see, that the name of the play is the famous pride quote “Love Is Love”! Lesbian is the sexuality of women being attracted to other women.


Our second to last room is… the forest! This room is all about the identification, Non-Binary. This room has Non-Binary flag-coloured stairs to the cove, colourful banners & Non-Binary flags! Non-Binary is having a gender that is not elusively male or female, or not having a gender at all. Non-binary people could use different pronouns such as they/them, ze/zir, xe/xem or many others!

Our last room of this showcase is going to be… the iceberg! Which just like the stadium, is a big flag. This room is all about Transgender in the LGBTQ+ community! This room showcases Transgender flag-coloured puffles that are made into fireworks, a large Transgender flag covering the iceberg & a Transgender flag waving above! Transgender is having a different gender from the one assigned at birth.

Although there are many more sexualities, identities and genders out there, (drag queens, pansexual, romantic, polyamorous, to just name a few!) these are just a handful of the flags that got picked for the Pride rooms. It’s important to learn about these to help make friends, family and even strangers feel more free, safe and comfortable in our communities! You can be a good ally by taking the time to learn and respect someone’s sexuality, gender and pronouns! After all, love is love and we should all be treated equally!

Queen of Drag, Rupaul and her famous quote ❤

And that’s a wrap, Make sure to tell us how do you celebrate pride month. Check out our beeg parade coming up this weekend with the CPA community in #Community-Parade-Pride. Hope to see you all there. and don’t forget….

Don’t Freeze up

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