Misc Friday #5

Hello Ice Warriors!

Hope you all are doing good, to make your day better, I represent you with another edition Misc Friday! Welcome to the 5th edition of Misc Friday! In this post there will be some cool things which will be featured from #food #pets and #fan-art. Now, let’s dive into today’s Misc Friday.

To begin with, we have a beatiful cake from #food made by our Leader, Kally! That cake surely looks yummy, hope you share a piece with me.

Kally’s cake :3

For the next thing, we will be having 2 pets from #pets, let’s take a look at them!

First up, we have our Major GeneralSebzy’s cute puppy!

Sebzy’s puppy :3

Next up, we have another puppy from Allie, their puppy is so adorable!

Allie’s puppy :3

Last but not the least, we will be having 2 fan arts from #fan-art. Now, let’s take a look at those amazing pieces of art!

Firstly, we have a fantastic piece of art by our Lieutenant GeneralTrails!

Trails’s art :3

Next, we have another wonderful piece of art by our Helper, Mini!

Billie Eilish

Hunter: You have a wonderful piece of art, I love it! What was the inspiration behind your art?

Mini: aw, thank you :3 I went and saw my idol Billie Eilish in concert at the beginning of June! This was actually a picture I took of her during the show and thought it looked too good not to draw! I was very proud of the similarities when i was done aha

What a wonderful art from both of you! Can’t wait to see more art from you both.

And with this, it will be wrapping up for this week’s Misc Friday. Hope i was able to entertain you all a bit. If you want a chance to get featured in our next articles, then make sure to post in #fan-art, #pets, #food and #iw-memes. Also make sure to react at our next event (#communtiy-pride-parade) if you will be able to make it, hope to see you then!


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