Loud and Proud – IW Pride Celebration

Happy Pride month Ice Warriors! June is one of my favourite months where we celebrate people of all genders and sexualities! We can be free to love whoever we want to love, show our true colours or even just support our friends and family! June is always jam-packed with love, fun, colours and of course, glitter. Not everybody celebrates pride in the same way, but we dug deep into Ice Warriors to see how we celebrate pride and support our LGBTQ+ community within our army!

Ice Warriors pride banner created by Subster!

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[EU/US] Rainbow Party Pt.2

Hey Ice Warriors!

On June 30th, we logged on for another Rainbow Party, with the hopes of CPR not crashing on us this time! We hope everybody had fun and that you were able to finish Pride Month off with some fun on CPR!

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[EU/US] Rainbow Party but Crash?

Hey Ice Warriors!

On June 25th, we logged on for our highly anticipated Rainbow Event, celebrating Pride Month! The event was really fun, but CPR decided to die on us! It will be rescheduled for next week.

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