Q&A: Looking Forward to the Revamp

Salutations Ice Warriors! Welcome to an interesting session of Q&A! Hope you all are doing well. As many of you may know, we did undergo a revamp in our discord server. I went and ask some people questions about the server revamp and let us see what was their say on it. Continue reading the article for some interesting Q&A.

What are your views on the recent revamp in the server like channels, shop etc.?

Aiga: I think it’s a really good thing. We needed something new and fresh especially to the shop, since nobody really bought the roles and such.

Swirl: It’ll definitely be different of course but I’m excited to see how everything will plan out with the changes.

Silver: Personally, I really like the revamped shop. Previously, once you obtained all the roles, there wasn’t much to do afterwards with the shop. Now, you are always able to enter into giveaways and get custom roles guaranteed as well. #justice4awooga. As for the channels, I feel as though some could have stayed but most of them weren’t used and just taking up space. I hope, in the future, we will find more channels to add.

How do you look forward to our shop which was revamped recently which includes giveaways, emojis, custom roles etc.?

Red: I think the idea is really great! After a while, it’s always good to see changes. The old roles will be replaced with new roles, bunch of giveaways and raffles, and best of all- purchase custom commands with snowflakes??!?!??!?! Genius idea. All that’s left is the final revamp, and I trust the leaders/trusted staffs to do something amazing for the shop 😀

Sebzy: I’m certainly looking forwards to it, since in the old shop all I could get was roles, and now I can spend them on custom roles, emojis, giveaways and way more! But I still don’t have enough snowflakes to buy the last role I need 😭 🙏

What changes do you think the revamp which happened recently in discord server of iw can bring?

Mogi: I think that the revamp is pretty nice. Finally, the shop has a bit more variety too. I think it’s good that some of the channels got deleted because they were barley used. And yeah I like the revamp overall.

Cloudy: I believe the revamp can help the activeness on the troop on joining events where every time they attend, they’ll receive snowflakes and possible extra prizes. Then the snowflakes can be used to get nifty prizes and customs in the server which also improves the server more active members in chatting.

Alu: With this new server revamp, now that there are more things in the shop it gives more incentive to attend events for snowflakes, promo points, giveaways and so on.


With this, it’ll be it for this Q&A. Hope you all had fun while reading that interesting session of Q&A.
Definitely can’t wait for more changes which IW has to show us! Very hyped for it and it’s indeed really exciting to see these changes in IW. And also make sure to react in our upcoming events if you will be able to attend it. See you all in the next one!


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