Sunday Funday #34

Hey there Ice Guardians! Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Funday and this is going to be our 34th edition of it! I hope you are doing well and to make your day even better, I present you this article with a bunch of minigames in it which you will hopefully enjoy. Let’s continue with our post get into those fun games which can earn you some snowflakes too!

So, here’s our first game and it is a Word Search, there are some names of our IW ranks in the Word Box. Find those words in the Word Search to finish this game!

Word Search


Word Box


Our next game will be a Maze game in which you got to prevent the angry emojis and find your way till the end.


This next game would be Guess The Member, in this there will be a few hints given and you have to guess which staff it is. The hints are:

1) They are known as a Pikachu.
2) They are also known for their cat pfps.
3) They like to play Clash of Clans.


Our last game would be Where’s Waldo, but IW! In this game there will be two pictures given and you need to find the person whose name will be given to you.

Will you be able to find Hiro?
CPAB Username: Zen_Hiro

Will you be able to find josh?
CPAB Username: joshc

With this, we’ll be wrapping up this week’s Sunday Funday. Hope you’ll have fun solving the games. Make sure to send your screenshots of the answers to .Hunter#7777 and if you complete all of the games correctly, then you will be rewarded with some snowflakes! Do keep an eye on our upcoming events and react if you will be able to attend it. See you all in the next one!

DONT FREEZE UP! :pixeliwsalute:


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