Trivia Thursday #70

Hi Ice Warriors!

We may have witnessed two recent retirements of both Iceyfeet1234 and Kally, but it opened the door for a new face to make their debut into IW leadership, and it’s none other than Levelz, IW’s famous pika. As you can see, we’re very excited to see what Levelz can bring for the future generations of the Ice Warriors. Before we get to witness IW’s new leader in action, let’s go take a look at the newest edition of Trivia Thursday, the 70th edition. We can start off by congratulating our previous Trivia Thursday winners, Mogi and Hiro, and by showing the correct answers of that Trivia Thursday:

1. Mogi and Alu

2. False

3. Can be the following (Chek, Bee, Aaronstone)

4. Kally

5. b) Levelz


Briefly explaining how Trivia Thursday works, an article gets posted that includes 5+ trivial questions that involve something to do with the Ice Warriors. Answering all questions means you earn snowflakes, which can help you be able to buy roles in #shop.

You will have to answer various question types such as general answers, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, etc. The correct answers get posted for the next Trivia Thursday. With all that being said, here are this week’s questions:

1. True or False: as of right now, Polar and Blizzard have an equal number of leaders.

2. Who came in 2nd for the most recent Anime Costume Contest?

3. With the Snowflakes Shop being revamped, there is a total of __ roles that can be bought.

4. Who among these leaders announced the promotion of Levelz?

a) DrQueen   b) Freedomist   c) IceQueen

5. There are 4 new shop roles that cost 6000 snowflakes. Name one of them.


And that’s going to do it for this week’s Trivia Thursday. If you would like to partake in answering Trivia Thursday questions, answer each question and DM them to me (josh🌹#5667). A new leadership roster due to retirements and a new promotion are bound to leave the Ice Warriors curious. We hope you stick around to find out what comes out of it. Catch you then…

Pika uwu owo!


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