Mountain Expedition CPR

Hello Ice Warriors! Today I’m bringing you a brand new cheat guide for the new CPR Mountain Expedition party. In this article, there will be a step-by-step guide of each puzzle room, where you can buy gear and get free items! Keep reading to see what’s in store for this party.

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Spring Showdown Tournament

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto …  to participate in the Spring Showdown Tournament organized by Army of Club Penguin. During this specific event in each of the 3 rooms, we faced 3 different armies – Army of Club Penguin, Water Vikings and Help Force. Great performance guys! Hope you enjoyed this type of battle and get to know more about Club Penguin Armies.

== max penguins online: 50 == 

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Special MM Training [AUSIA]

Hi Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Ascent to practice our battle skills before Semi-Final Battle in March Madness Tournament🍀. Everything went as good as we expected. Good job guys! AUSIA FTW! 

== max penguins online: 40 ==

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Practice Battle v.s. Water Vikings

Hi Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Crystal to practice our battle skills with Water Vikings. Despite some problems with gliching game, we won. Great job guys – seems like the Ice Shamrock brings us luck ☘️ Thanks to all for attending!

== max penguins online: 45 ==

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Hi guys!

Yesterday we logged onto Abominadle to practice battle with Templars. Everything went good and both teams spent a really good time together. Thank you for attending  and see you on the next event!

==max penguins online: 40 ==

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March Madness Quarter Finals [EU]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Crystal for the first round (for IW) of the March Madness tournament! Today we battled our allies, Special Weapons and Tactics.

After amazing tactics, bombs, formations and an incredible size advantage, we were able to win by 3-0! Awesome job to all warriors, let’s keep it up.

Max: 76

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Hello everyone!

Today we logged onto Zipline to participate in the Ice Civil War. During this special event Troops, Staff and Trusted Staff &Leaders face each others to prove who is better organised. Every team did so great! Thank you for attending guys! Get ready for upcoming March Madness tournament.

== max penguins online: 53==

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Rockhopper & Stu Crash IW Event

On February 24th, the Ice Warriors were preparing for our battle; Coffee vs Pizza vs PIC when two very unexpected and famous penguins showed up. Iceyfeet1234, being famous in the CPA community himself, was still super excited to see Stu and Rockhopper at our event!

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