CPR Clothing Catalog – August 2021

Hello Ice Warriors! It’s been so long since we’ve had a new catalogue to look at. For some reason, the July catalogue was never released so we’re going right into the August Penguin Style! Hopefully, we can look forward to new Furniture and Igloos very soon, as well as a brand new party in CPR! Let’s dive right into this month’s catalogue and see what it has to offer.


On this first page, you can find A floppy hat, a life jacket, The Trend hairstyle, a Purple Viking Helmet, an Alumni Jacket, and The Spike n’ Style hairstyle!

On the second page, you can find The Right On hairstyle, Red and White Sneaks, a Breezy Dress, Hot Cross Bun hairstyle, a White Admirals Hat, and Raven Wings!

On this third page we have, a White Letterman Jacket, a Black Backpack, a Neon Green Skateboard, a Back To School Haul, a Neon Green Helmet, The Auburn hairstyle and a Beta Striped Scarf!

On this fourth page you can find, a Chef Costume, an Orange Skate Spike Helmet, a Dark Cloak, a Darker Cloak, The Big Look hairstyle, and A Petal Dress.

On this final page, you can find The Giggles hairstyle, Bubble Gum, Pink Outfit, Blue outfit and finally Brighter Boots!


That’s all for this Penguin Style!! Which item is your favourite? Mine has to be the Purple Viking Helmet! Are you excited for the upcoming party? Let me know in the comments.


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