Fan Art Friday

Good evening, or morning, or afternoon Ice Warriors!! Although the school year just crashed into most of us, our artists in the Ice Warriors never cease to amaze, working hard to show us some super cool art! Speaking of art, there was just an art contest in #contests, go check it out! But first, check out these spectacular pieces! Make sure to hop right into this week’s fan art Friday, to see what our aspiring artists have been cooking up!

First, we have a drawing from Angel, (Make sure you congratulate Angel on his promo to Major General!!) I talked to Angel, asking for a little story about the art, so make sure to read it!!!

Angel: So when I switched names from Trails to Angel, I decided, “let’s give myself a nice looking profile picture (pfp) to have for months” yk, I obviously opened up Google and searched for some nice pfps. I came across an angel-looking one and I thought, “ooo maybe I can draw this one but make it in my own style”. That’s how I ended up having this drawing as my profile picture! But it didn’t end up being there for even 3 days so, rip. I’ve always had hard times finding pfps so I was like, I will draw myself one. Thank you for listening:)           


Next up, we have the spectacular SirTent, and his newly found Tent Pokemon! I also asked Teny about his artwork!

Teny: when I asked what pokemon looked like a tent, Snorunt came up, and then I just fell in love with it cause it’s just so cute and then it drove me to the point of making art of it.


Suation is also an amazing artist, this time, drawing an adorable cat!! Reminds me of an adorable Disney cartoon!


And lastly, we have this super cute drawing from the one and only, Waffle. He depicts Levelz so well in this drawing!! (jk) This Pikachu is one of the best I have ever seen!! 


Thanks for reading this edition of Fanart Friday, good luck to all of you who have started school, and if you want to be featured in the next edition of Fan art Friday, make sure to post your artworks in #fan-art!! And remember, all of your artworks are amazing, nobody is bad 🙂

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