Event Recap: Dec 5th-Dec 11th

Hello Ice Warriors!!

In just about 24 hours, we will be participating in the second round of Christmas Chaos XI. Thankfully, the Ice Warriors family has come together to prepare for this big day with only one goal in mind: To Win.  It’s the final push to get our desired results for tomorrow and we are certain Ice Warriors will remain victorious for the tournament. This week, you saw a lot of events that were hosted in aid of the big tournament. Let’s see how IW did this week and the recent news! 

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Fan Art Friday #47

Hello Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. The start to the weekend is a very exciting time, and what better way to start it than a new version of Fan Art Friday! This article features some of the most talented warriors, and showcases their artwork. Now enough waiting, let’s get to it!

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Trivia Thursday #37

Hey Ice Warriors!

Welcome to the Trivia Thursday of Questions and Mysteries! We’re on the third-themed week and still going strong! With Halloween coming up soon, we in IW are already testing out our outfits! Get your thinking caps on because this is 37th edition of Trivia Thursday! But before we get into this week’s questions, let’s see last week’s winners and reveal the answers! Trivia Thursday #36 was created by the marvelous Snow! Let’s give a hand and congrats to Mogi and SuperEvilSlayer for answering all the questions correctly! I’d also like to give a shoutout to Cloudy for getting almost all the questions right! Now that we know the winners, let’s see what answers they gave!

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Fan Art Friday

Good evening, or morning, or afternoon Ice Warriors!! Although the school year just crashed into most of us, our artists in the Ice Warriors never cease to amaze, working hard to show us some super cool art! Speaking of art, there was just an art contest in #contests, go check it out! But first, check out these spectacular pieces! Make sure to hop right into this week’s fan art Friday, to see what our aspiring artists have been cooking up!

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