Event Recap: Dec 5th-Dec 11th

Hello Ice Warriors!!

In just about 24 hours, we will be participating in the second round of Christmas Chaos XI. Thankfully, the Ice Warriors family has come together to prepare for this big day with only one goal in mind: To Win.  It’s the final push to get our desired results for tomorrow and we are certain Ice Warriors will remain victorious for the tournament. This week, you saw a lot of events that were hosted in aid of the big tournament. Let’s see how IW did this week and the recent news! 


Congrats to Archie on his promotion to 4th in Command!

Congrats to Superevilslayer on his promotion to Major General!

Congrats to Suation on his promotion to Staff!

Congrats to Sebzy, Waffle, and Angelo on their promotion to Staff in Training!



Event Recap

Christmas Takeover

AUSIA – December 5th

Max: 38

Hide & Seek

EU/US – December 5th

Max: 38


EU/US – December 7th

Max: 21

Troop U-Lead

US – December 9th

Max: 21

CCXI Training 

EU/UK – December 10th

Max: 29

Pizzatron Competition + CCXI Training

AUSA – December 11th

Max: 33

That’s all for now folks! Hope to see you at our CCXI tournament tomorrow! On the road to #1! 🎅┃christmas-chaos


Leader in Training


Leader in Training

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