Saying Goodbye to 2021: Top Ten Events

Hello Ice Warriors!

As we bid another farewell to a wonderful year, let’s take a look at some of our top events of 2021. We composed a recap of events that we think are the highlights of the year, so sit back and relax because you’re in for a ride!

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Trivia Thursday #43

Why Hello there, Ice Warriors

I don’t know about you all, but today I woke up with the pleasant scent of Hot Chocolate, and a snow-white view out the window, I guess it’s a great time to start the countdown until the Happiest Holiday, and probably the most anticipated date, Christmas!

As many of you already know, today is Thursday 16th, which means we are due for a Trivia Thursday! If any of you are confused, allow me to explain. Trivia Thursday is a weekly game that consists of 5 or more questions. If answered correctly, and you’re part of the first 3 players that answered correctly, you receive SNOWFLAKES, which is our Server’s Currency. But before we set foot in today’s questions, let’s give a round of applause to last week’s Winners… Congratulations to Cloudy, and Suation for answering all 5 questions correctly. Let us look at the answers… Continue reading

Sunday Funday #19

What’s up Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a splendid start to your week. We just got back from our Semi-finals match of Christmas Chaos XI vs the Templars, and we won like champions. Super proud of you guys. What a great start to the week, let’s keep it strong with the 19th edition Sunday Funday (a Christmas Chaos edition)!

In case you are new, here is how Sunday Funday works: every Sunday, a new post will be published in which you can play fun, and somewhat challenging, games to earn snowflakes❄️. The games may vary wildly, and this time around, we’ll have Christmas Chaos-themed games. :awe: 

Speaking of which, let’s get right into them, and good luck!

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Event Recap: Dec 5th-Dec 11th

Hello Ice Warriors!!

In just about 24 hours, we will be participating in the second round of Christmas Chaos XI. Thankfully, the Ice Warriors family has come together to prepare for this big day with only one goal in mind: To Win.  It’s the final push to get our desired results for tomorrow and we are certain Ice Warriors will remain victorious for the tournament. This week, you saw a lot of events that were hosted in aid of the big tournament. Let’s see how IW did this week and the recent news! 

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Trivia Thursday #42

Hey there Ice Warriors!

As the academic season comes to an end, tournament season starts to rise back up again. This calls for hard work, dedication, and also a time to time break. Another edition of Trivia Thursday is here to spare you the time of searching for an activity to pass time. Today’s version will feature Christmas Chaos and winter-themed questions. Don’t forget, you do get snowflakes for answering them quickly so get out your thinking caps and get ready to sleigh the 42nd volume of Trivia Thursday!

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Q&A: Predicting the Semi-finals (CCXI Edition)

Hello Ice Warriors once again!!

I hope you guys have been taking care of yourselves recently, keeping yourself calm through tough times. With Christmas Chaos currently going underway, the first round already being completed, it’s crucial for Ice Warriors to remain as ready as we can ever be. Today’s Q&A will mostly focus on predicting the outcome of the second round of Christmas Chaos. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Sunday Funday #18

Hey Ice Warriors! Are you still relaxing after our amazing battle yesterday? Well, never fear because DelightedGOYAL and .penguin are back with another Sunday Funday. This edition will be packed with 4 CCXI-themed games, so get ready to have some fun!

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Throwback Thursday: Christmas Chaos

Good evening Ice Warriors! 

I hope you guys have been having an awesome week so far! As we begin December and start to approach the Christmas season, we are also getting ready to participate in this year’s Christmas Chaos XI tournament. But for those of you that may not be as familiar with this prestigious tournament, you may be wondering what the history of it is and why it is so important to the Ice Warriors community! Well in this brand new edition of Throwback Thursday, I intend to answer all of these questions whilst also shedding some light on the army’s own personal history with the tournament!

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