Throwback Thursday: Christmas Chaos

Good evening Ice Warriors! 

I hope you guys have been having an awesome week so far! As we begin December and start to approach the Christmas season, we are also getting ready to participate in this year’s Christmas Chaos XI tournament. But for those of you that may not be as familiar with this prestigious tournament, you may be wondering what the history of it is and why it is so important to the Ice Warriors community! Well in this brand new edition of Throwback Thursday, I intend to answer all of these questions whilst also shedding some light on the army’s own personal history with the tournament!

History of Christmas Chaos

To summarize, Christmas Chaos is essentially one of the most competitive tournaments amongst the army community, that has been hosted annually in the Winter season by many past CPA leagues and news organizations since 2011. The tournament traditionally involves multiple armies (be it small or large) competing against each other in many rounds until the lucky winner eventually pushes through! Whilst the tournament has not always been hosted every year due to changes within the army community (such as the shutdown of the original CP), 2021 would happen to be the 11th year in which it will be hosted! And whilst the Ice Warriors is yet to achieve a victory in Christmas Chaos, we have undoubtedly had many unprecedented achievements throughout the years the army has participated in this tournament. In this article, I will focus on three CC tournaments that were particularly important in the Ice Warriors’ history. So without further ado, let’s dive right into IW’s own involvement with Christmas Chaos in the past!

Christmas Chaos I

The Ice Warriors’ involvement with the tournament can be traced back as far as the first Christmas Chaos that was hosted from December 2011 to the start of 2012 by Club Penguin Army Central, the major news website that once dominated media within the CP army community. In the first round, IW quickly seized a victory by maxing sizes of 45 troops against the Water Raiders, who did not show up to the battle. The army then proceeded to defeat the infamous Light Troops in the Semi-Finals with a huge victory, maxing sizes of 75, unprecedented for its time. IW managed to push through to the finals in a three-way battle against the Ninjas and the Nachos. Although the latter did up winning the tournament, IW did put up a pretty good fight with their own tactics and formations, as you can see in the picture below!

Fun Fact: Did you know that you can actually find video footage of this entire battle if you search it up on Youtube?


IW facing off against the Nachos and Ninjas in a great three way final battle in the Forest (January 2012)


The photo shows the IW xat chat during the first CC Finals. As you might’ve guessed, leading back then was very different to leading events and battles now.

Christmas Chaos II 

Under the leadership of Albert417, IW once again participated in the 2nd Christmas Chaos that was hosted in December 2012! Now, this tournament particularly resonates with me as it happened to be the time when I first discovered and joined IW and the CPA community (perhaps more on that another time). Onto the tournament, the Ice Warriors again took the first round with ease against the Doritos, who also did not show up, displaying smooth sizes of 30-35+ (this interestingly enough happened to be my first ever IW event, though I wasn’t aware it was meant to be a CC battle until very recently!) We then eventually advanced onto the Finals of the tournament after swiftly defeating the Army Republic with our consistent sizes of 30+ and great tactics/formations. After what was a huge battle against the Dark Warriors, IW ended up putting on a great show and maxed amazing sizes of 60, which was considered to be very high for the old CPA era.


The Ice Warriors facing off against AR in the CC2 Semi-Finals, having 30-35 troops online! (December 2012)


IW displaying impressive sizes in the CC2 Finals against Dark Warriors (you might find me running around in this photo if you look closely) (December 2012)


Christmas Chaos X 

Fast forward several years later to 2020, when the Ice Warriors participated in last year’s Christmas Chaos X tournament under the leadership of Regan, Erick09, and Alex. Now perhaps this one may have been the most successful tournament for us due to how much we managed to achieve at the time! First off, IW swiftly won against the Golden Troops with good sizes of 56+, before emerging triumphant against the Pizza Federation in the Quarter Finals with a significant size increase of 86+! Now if you thought it couldn’t get any better, then I’m afraid you thought wrong. After pushing through to the Semi-Finals against our old DCP rivals, we managed to pull 110 troops online for a huge victory, already a remarkable achievement for both IW and within the tournament’s history! Now onto the Finals, we competed against our brother ally, the Rebel Penguin Federation in what ended up being one of the greatest battles of the year. Despite our BIA ally taking the win, IW instead ended up making history with massive sizes of 114 troops, an accomplishment that the army should definitely be proud of today.


IW battling our BIA ally in the Ice Rink in the CCX Finals, when we maxed extraordinary sizes of 114. (December 2020)

That wraps up this long-overdue Throwback Thursday for this week! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this little history lesson of a post and managed to learn more about not only some of the tournaments’ history but also how much IW has grown over the years! As I did mention earlier, whilst IW has not won a Christmas Chaos tournament before, that doesn’t mean we can’t aim to change that this year! Remember that we do have our first battle in the Quarter Finals against Silver Empire on Saturday, so make sure to react to the #christmas-chaos channel if you can show up then! Let’s get the win this year IW peeps!

Ice Warriors Forever!



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