Penguin Style December 2021

Happy Holidays Ice Warriors! Christmas came early this year, as CPR has gifted us with a brand new clothing catalog filled with festive outfits and some cozy winter clothing! Don’t forget to pull out the hot cocoa with marshmallows and snuggle up in some fuzzy blankets and socks! It’s cold out there.

Hidden Items on the first page: Overalls, a White Snowflake Bauble, a Jack-In-The-Box Face, an Aunt Arctic Sweater, Holiday Conductor Specs, a Blue Snowflake Bauble, a Holiday Puffle Story, a Jack-in-the-box Ruffle, a Jack-in-the-box hat.

Hidden items on the second page: Icy Ski Goggles, Chilly Chullo, a Brown Jacket, Dark 3D Glasses, a Red Elf Suit, a Red Elf shoes, a Red Elf hat and a Holiday Conductor Uniform.


Hidden items on the third page: A blue snowsuit, a Classy Holiday Outfit, a Santa Suit, The Claus-ette hairstyle, The Present hairstyle, Clause-ette outfit, Wool socks, The Holiday Topper hairstyle, Pink Bow Dress Shoes, Silver Roman Helmet, a Green Plaid Scarf and, a Santa hat and a Santa Beard.

Hidden items on the fourth page: a Festive Sweater, Checked Crop Coat, an Ice Party Hat, Solid Ice, a Winter Cape, a Silly Snowman Sweater, a Holly Elf Dress, a Cool Ski Suit, a Present outfit, a Surf Sweater, Festive Socks, Elf Pigtails, Cool Mittens and a Holi-lei.


That’s all for this clothing catalog and our final Penguin Style of 2021! What month’s catalog was your favorite this year? Let me know in the comments!


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