Event Recap: November 28th-December 4th

Hello Ice Warriors! It’s time for our weekly event recap. Ice Warriors worked hard this week to prep for CCXI. We ended the week with the CCXI tournament quarter-finals. Thanks to all of our hardworking Ice Warriors we won and are now moving on to the semi-finals. Keep up the amazing work Ice Warriors! Without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s recap.


Congrats to Penguin on her promotion to Trusted Staff!

Congrats to Infinite on his promotion to 4th in Command!

Congrats to Hiro on his promotion to Lieutenant General!

Congrats to msflimflam for earning her Staff role to continue her SIT training!

Congrats to Livia, Halotrixx, Jayce & Vy on their promotion to Staff In Training!


Event Recap

PB with SE
AUSIA- Nov 28th
Max: 33

Civil War
EU/UK – Nov 28th
Max: 34

Lighthouse Takeover
EU/UK – Nov 30th
Max: 27

PB vs HF
EU/US – December 1st
Max: 19

CCXI Training
AUSIA – December 3rd
Max: 25
CCXI Quarterfinals vs SE
EU/US – December 4th
Max: 57
Amazing Job this week Ice Warriors! Let’s win the CCXI semi-finals next.
Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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