Sunday Funday #18

Hey Ice Warriors! Are you still relaxing after our amazing battle yesterday? Well, never fear because DelightedGOYAL and .penguin are back with another Sunday Funday. This edition will be packed with 4 CCXI-themed games, so get ready to have some fun!

The first game we have is a spot the difference! The event picture is from our recent Christmas Chaos quarter-finals where we won 3-0! Try to find the differences between the two images, they can be missing penguins, erased tactics, or added symbols.

Next up is a fun word scramble. Try to decipher the jumbled-up winter words. Some are challenging so best of luck!

The third minigame is a new version of where’s waldo, but staff! The images used are also from our fun Christmas Chao battle against Silver Empire yesterday. Try to spot the requested staff/HCOM in each picture. 

Try to find our Trusted StaffChevy (CPR username: ChevyFridge) in this picture.

See if you can spot our Trusted StaffSteph (CPR username: StephIW) in this image.

Can you find our LeaderIceQueen (CPR username: IceQueen1020) in this photo?

Last but not least we have a fun maze! Avoid the scary monsters (IceQueen of course) in the pathways, and make your way out the end!

Alright Warriors of the Ice, this will be the end of this week’s Sunday Funday! If you do complete the minigames don’t forget to send a screenshot of your answers to .penguin#7613 or DelightedGOYAL#1425 to receive some awesome snowflakes that you can spend on the exclusive winter role. Amazing work at the Christmas Chaos quarterfinals, and we have advanced to the semifinals where we will be facing a tougher opponent, so please make sure to attend that battle! We hope you have an amazing week, and please remember…

If thou not attend thy chaos event, DrQueen shall be thou to death with her hammer 🔨🙏




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