How To Prepare For Christmas Chaos XI

Brrrrr, it’s getting chilly, Ice Warriors! I can already see the frost in the air. As the end of the year approaches, new and exciting things unleash themselves into the army community. One of these is an annually held event known as ChristmasChaos, a well-known tournament. Of course, lag is inevitable when it comes to large tournaments such as CCXI, but there are many ways to limit it. Now, let’s jump into it!

What is Christmas Chaos?

Like all tournaments, Christmas Chaos is extremely competitive within the community. This year will be the eleventh anniversary of this highly anticipated tournament, so we want to make sure we perform well and take the trophy back home to Sub Zero. CCXI will follow the same structure as other tournaments. Battles will consist of three different rooms, with winners determined by official judges. If the battle results in a tie, we will move to overtime until a winner has been determined.

How To Prepare for CCXI

Before we move into lag reduction tips, let’s first talk about CCXI preparations. The best way to prepare for the tournament is by attending our events, as we train before doing anything else. During training, our tactic and room-switching speed significantly increases. Additionally, training helps you to memorize key components of how battles work. If you are still confused about how battles work after attending a training event, you may visit the #how-to-battle channel for more information. There are many useful tips there!

We’ve already started to slide into the tournament season during our Fall Ball Event!


In addition to attending our training events, it is extremely crucial that you wear the appropriate uniform. Uniforms are how judges determine that you are affiliated with the Ice Warriors. Having just one more penguin in uniform will grant us an advantage over other armies. An image of our full uniform is pictured below, although we do have room for slight modifications.

The Ice Warriors’ Official Uniform

The most important piece of our uniform is the Light Blue penguin color and the Dark Blue Hockey Jersey. The hockey jersey and stick can be both found in the Stadium, on the first page of the Snow and Sports catalog. The catalog can be found in the bottom right corner of your screen. The uniform sums to a total cost of 730 coins. If you cannot afford this, you may simply purchase the Dark Blue Hockey Jersey. Alternatively, you may wear the Blue Letterman Jacket from our previous uniform, although the hockey jersey is preferred.

Lag Reduction

Reducing lag during tournaments and battles is extremely important. Lag or inactivity may cause you to disconnect from the game’s server, which is something we want to avoid.

Join Event VC: Event VC, usually a stage channel, will appear on our server’s channel list 30-40 minutes prior to the start of the event. Event VC keeps you on high alert throughout the course of the battle, as you are audibly told when there is a new tactic to send or when we switch rooms.

Mute In-game Music: Unnecessary audio playing through your device can cause you to lag, so muting it will prove to be helpful. Additionally, this assists you in focusing on sending tactics, as you can hear VC Leaders clearer. If you don’t know how to mute in-game music, instructions can be found in the image below:

Follow these in-game steps to disable sound!

Low-graphics Mode: In the settings tab next to the “Mute Music” option, there is now an additional option to lower the game’s resolution. This will decrease lag significantly, as your game won’t have to load as many pixels.

Hide Player Names: Player names are one of the biggest sources of lag within the game, especially during highly populated battles. This is due to the fact that your device must load unnecessary items. To turn off player names, first head to your settings in-game, as shown previously. The game client won’t show that you’re typing, but typing “hidenames” will hide all player names shown on the screen. Type this phrase again to show names.

Close Unnecessary Tabs and Applications: This may seem a little obvious, but if you are not using other opened tabs, closing them will greatly reduce lag during the tournament. Having these tabs and applications closed will ensure that your computer is focusing solely on CPR and Discord so that you can be quick with tactics and see them posted sooner. 

Use Split-Screen or a Second Device: Splitting your screen means that you place your CPR and Discord tabs on opposite sides of your computer screen. Splitting your screen increases your tactic-sending speed tremendously because you don’t need to switch back and forth between tabs. If screen-splitting is not possible, you may look for tactics on a computer and join Event VC on a separate device, such as a phone. An example of what split-screen should look like is shown below:

Here’s an example of what split-screen should look like.

Turn on Hardware Acceleration: Hardware Acceleration is a setting within your browser that helps CPR to run more efficiently. Enabling this setting may be a little trickier than the other tips, but we’ve got you covered. This setting should be available on all major browsers such as Chrome. First, head to your browser’s settings.


Once you’re in your settings, search for “Hardware”. You will then be redirected to the Hardware Acceleration setting. Be sure that this feature is set to “ON” if it isn’t already.

Install an Ad-Blocker: Something that will be extremely helpful is installing an Ad-Blocker on your computer. CPR places many ads along the sides of your screen that are animated and distracting from our tactics. Having an Ad-Blocker will reduce the lag and distraction from ads by completely eliminating them. 

snowflake-png-5 at Hurley Library

A Leader’s Advice

Before we wrap up, let’s first take a look into a leader’s perspective in regards to the upcoming CCXI tournament. We sent a reporter to interview DrQueen and IceQueen, who both have led many other tournaments in the past, including our Legends Cup and March Madness tournaments earlier this year.

Silver: What are some main things to make sure do and don’t happen during CCXI?

DrQueen: We want to make sure that we get as many troops logged on as possible. Size could be the deciding factor when it comes to winning certain rooms if we max around 20+ more than our opponent. We also want to make sure troops are hyped and prepared with our training. Every troop should be doing tactics and being fast with tactics that we learned from our training. We should have no negative energy or thoughts about the outcome of the battle.

IceQueen: There are so many handy tips in #how-to-battle! Essentially, the most important things for CCXI are:

  1. Press H to not disconnect!
  2. Make sure no penguin is sitting on you!
  3. SPAM THE TACTICS! (Yes, pls spam them on CPR until the next one is called!)
  4. When we say to open maps, open them, as we need to be first in the battle rooms!
  5. Invite your friends and have fun! Stronger together, Ice Warriors forever 💗:iwsalute:

Additional Info

More info regarding lag reduction can be found in this video: How to Reduce Lag on Club Penguin Rewritten

With this, we conclude our lag reduction post. Please make sure to attend all of the upcoming battle trainings. The more practice you have the better and faster you will be during the actual tournament! React to our events regularly posted in #event-information and click the “Interested” button to get notified when the event starts! We certainly hope you have an amazing rest of your week and don’t forget…

If thou not attend thy chaos event, DrQueen shall beat thou to death with her hammer #🎅┃christmas-chaos 🔨🙏

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