Troop/Staff of the Week: October 11th 2021

Hey Ice Warriors Family! As we entered into the spooky month of October, our sizes during events increased! This is an amazing accomplishment that we could not have reached without all of you. We appreciate each and every one of you so much! These four penguins have played a significant part in the success of Ice Warriors over the past week. It is now time to announce this week’s TOTW and SMOTW!:celebrateegp:

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Trivia Thursday #31- Discord Edition

Ring. Ring. You have an incoming call. Thanks for picking up the phone, Ice WarriorsThe weather here in Sub Zerosure is chilly today! Oh! What’s this in my Direct Messages from Et3rnal_Vo1d? It looks like a fresh edition of Trivia Thursday! Let’s take a look at it together! Continue reading

Breaking News: Chevy promoted as next Head of IWNC!

SubZero, Ice Warrior’s News Center – Today is a very special day for the Ice Warriors News Center (IWNC). Ever since its opening, Founder/Head of IWNC, Kally, and Head/Editor of IWNC, DrQueen has been working nonstop to bring quality and fun content to the IW community. Our aim is to provide fun articles where members can interact with and learn all the inside scoops about IW, but also provide and teach our reporters the importance of proper writing to help them in the real world.

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