Trivia Thursday #46 | Hall of Fame Edition

Good afternoon Ice Warriors! With the Hall of Fame Inductions Ceremony occurring just last week, there’s a lot to be covered! That’s why today, I bring you a special edition of Trivia Thursday: The Hall of Fame Edition! Very splendid indeed.


Before we begin tonight’s exquisite game of trivia, let’s first take a look at last week’s marvelous winners. Both Mogi4 and our ally Pran from the Fire Warriors won the trivia game last week! How magnificent. Sending penguin claps to both of you. For those of our reads who may be interested in the correct answers from last week, you can find them below.

1) Love Yourself Speak Yourself

2) Answers may vary: Looking for appropriately 22,000

3) Answers may vary: Answers may include LawCorazon, Regan, Shinde

4) Major

5) Answers may vary: Answers may include attending events, giveaways, recruiting, Trivia Thursday


Let’s start off by reestablishing the rules of our weekly trivia game for those who are new. Every Thursday, a fun article similar to this one will be published by our reporters here at the Ice Warriors News Center. Typically there will be short, sometimes difficult questions relating to the Ice Warriors that you must answer. If you are one of the first three people to answer all questions correctly, you will receive extra snowflakes, our server’s currency, which can be spent in the #shop for exclusive roles or an entry into a custom role giveaway. Who doesn’t enjoy collecting roles? With that being said, let’s take a walk down the red carpet and play some Hall of Fame trivia!

1. Fill in the blank: During the Induction Ceremony, everyone holding the rank of _____ was inducted as IW Champion

2. Who was inducted as the prestigious title of IW Mythic?

3. True or False: The Induction Ceremony was held at the Snow Forts on CPR

4. Which staff member designed the graphics for the Induction Ceremony?

5. Which two of our army advisors were inducted as IW Legend?

6. After IceQueen and DrQueen were inducted to the Ice Warriors HoF as IW Icon, what was their matching status? Hint: You may need to look in #main-chat


Do you have the knowledge to correctly solve these trivia questions? Find out by submitting your answers in the comment section below this post. Remember, the first three who answer all questions will receive snowflakes. And with that being said, it’s time I make my departure. Thanks for joining me in our special Hall of Fame edition of Trivia Thursday, we hope to see you back again next week for another round of trivia!


4 Responses

  1. LiT
    Madhav and Erick
    “Iconic sisters”


  2. 1. LiT
    2. Flamez
    3. True
    4. subster
    5. Erick, Madhav
    6. Iconic Sisters


  3. 1. LiT
    2. Flamez
    3. True!
    4. Madhav and Erick09
    5. :bluefire: Iconic Sisters


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