Weekly Recap: January 9th – 15th

Hello the iceyiest of the ices!

What a week it has been! So many of you have returned to school, yet so many still relaxing at home. We had some really entertaining events this week, such as the Default Penguin Takeover (my personal favourite), or the Pirate themed events! Let us know what your favourite was, and let’s see what this week had to offer!

Girofighter was promoted to Command Officer!

Ramenbender earned the rank of Major General!

Timothy earned the Staff role to finish the SiT Academy!

Mogi joined the Major General rank!

Welcome new SiTs: Shadow Cube, Woofy, Cat Toad, and Lucy!

Eternal was promoted to Third in Command, making him our newest Trusted Staff Member!

The Ice Warriors received the #1 spot on the Top Ten last week!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[AUSIA] Pirate Takeover

Max: 41

[EU/US] Race Event

Max: 51

[AUSIA] The Leader in Training Roast

Max: 28

[EU/US] Practice Battle vs ACP

Max: 24

[AUSIA] Default Penguin Takeover

Max: 35

[EU/US] Practice Battle vs WV

Max: 34

15thjan piratesvsnavywv15thjan2

Another great week has passed us by, and we’re already two weeks into 2022! Have you been keeping up with your New Years resolutions? Let us know in the comments below or our Discord server!

Thank you to Iceyfeet, IceQueen and Levelz for helping counts!


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