Behind the Scenes: How We Host Our Game Events

Hey there Ice Warriors! Today we take a behind-the-scenes look into two very popular games, Roblox and Minecraft, and check out how our staff members host events on them! These two specific games take a lot of prep work before we can host anything. How are our events planned out and scheduled? Continue reading to find out!

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Hello Ice Warriors.

Reporter IceQueen here bringing you the latest breaking news!  Many of you may have had heard stories of the mystery behind the Minecraft server crash after last week’s Wither event! What were the events that led up to the crash? Who is the real culprit? Carry on reading this MC special report to find out! Continue reading

Breaking News: MC server owner nukes DrQueen’s café

Good Morning / Good Afternoon / Good Evening Ladies and GentlePenguins,

On January 21st, 2021, terror and sadness struck the Ice Warriors’ Minecraft Server and left many Minecraft players in utter sadness and despair. On that afternoon, everything seemed peaceful and happy as everyone was going on with their everyday lives and enjoying some fun building. All of a sudden, you could hear a LOUD explosion from the distance. The players suddenly stopped their building to locate the source of the blast. Fellow MC Mod, Freedomist found the source. He alerted the authorities to tell them that DrQueen’s Coffee Café had been destroyed.

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