Trivia Thursday #48

Hey Ice Warriors!

How has everyone’s day been so far? I hope it has been going well. Today, we are back with the 48th post of Trivia Thursday. Before we dive into the questions for this weeks Trivia Thursday, the winners of the last Trivia Thursday were Silver Boy and Cloudy. Lets take a look at the correct answers from last week:

1. True

2. Kapi

3. 4

4. Purple, Chevy, or Snow

5. Luna

For any newcomers, here is how our Trivia Thursday works. Every week a Trivia Thursday post will be posted. In it are 5 or more questions that you have to answer. These questions may vary from short answers, True/False to Multiple Choice. The first 3 to get ALL answers correct in the comment section of the post will receive snowflakes to use in #shop. So, with that explanation out of the way, lets get on with this week’s questions:

1. Who was the most recent person to get promoted to 2nd in Command?

2. True or False: Spongebob is the one that holds the promotion list.

3. Which member in IW is most noted for saying “star this yall xd xd”?

4. Which one of these forms, that were used in the recent Ausia Arena tournament against Secret Service, originated from Water Ninjas, IW’s past colony?

A. V form  B. X form  C. Plus form  D. N form

5. Whose birthday is within the next 2 days of this article being posted?

That just about concludes this week’s edition of Trivia Thursday. I hope many of you try to answer these questions, and I wish you the best of luck with them all. Do not forget about the upcoming Ausia Arena tournament semi-finals on Sunday, February 6th. Be on the lookout for #🏆┃ausia-arena-tourney event channel. Also, attend this Thursday’s Ausia Arena training against Rebel Penguin Federation. Catch you at the next event Ice Warriors!

Don’t freeze up, AWOOGA


3 Responses

  1. 1. CrazyFlame
    2. True!
    3. IceQueen
    4. X Form
    5. Purple


  2. 1) CrazyFlame

    2) True

    3) Icequeen

    4)X Form

    5) PURPLE!!! YAYY


  3. 1) CrazyFlame (CONGRATS)

    2) True

    3)Icequeen (star this yall)

    4) X FORM



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