Storytime Sunday: The Name-Changing Monster

Hey Ice Warriors!

First of all, I hope you guys managed to have a great weekend. As many of you may know, our amazing leader, LawCorazon will be retiring next week. Ever since she joined last year in April, she has done a lot for this army, so much that we couldn’t possibly list it in one post. So for today, we have decided to present you guys with a very different type of post, with Et3rnal, Rachy, Real, and myself writing this short yet spooky story for you guys to enjoy as we begin to approach Halloween season! This post is also our way of thanking Law for everything she’s done for this army and community. We hope you guys will love reading this and without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Once upon a time (I know, very original), in an IW Discord far far away, there was an extremely dignified gal. This gal was highly respected as a member within the Ice Warriors community, leading the army to extraordinary sizes during her time as leader, and was very much loved by many troops. I can’t seem to remember her name, so we’ll just call her Law. Now, there was also this staff member who we’ll just call Snow for the sake of this story. Snow was extremely careless and just about as lazy as an Ice Warrior could get. Attending an event to this man was like trying to get up in the morning for school. Snow would never show up to any events, despite being bothered by his friends to come online when one was happening. Even if a million snowflakes, nitro giveaways, or free promotions were being offered, Snow just wouldn’t show up. This didn’t really sit right with the leaders, especially Law. But what’s her beef with this Snow character? What makes him different from anybody else who doesn’t attend IW events regularly? Well, we’ll get to that momentarily. 

On one particularly rainy evening, Snow was staring down at his phone, checking his pings on Discord. He quite literally checked every one of his servers apart from the Ice Warriors. Suddenly, he received a DM from Law, who disapprovingly stated (through text message of course), “I did not see u at today’s event.” Sleazy and unfazed as ever, Snow responded, “Ya, I haven’t been attending the past 80 events. What else is new?”

The blatant disrespect in Snow’s message had only managed to anger Law further. She had known that during the time span of those past 80 events, Snow had been talking a lot behind her back, regularly criticizing her ‘awesome’ oatmeal soup recipe (despite never seeing it for himself) and her pet dragon on every mainstream social media that he could get his hands on. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, you name it. It didn’t help his case at all that he had forgotten the dragon’s name. Snow even had the audacity to ask her, “What’s the name of your dragon? Fart? Bart?” Law was too infuriated to even reply. As Snow persisted in intentionally annoying Law, she had finally been sent over the edge. For a brief moment, she had contemplated banning him right then and there. However, she decided that this was too quick of a way to deal with him. And all Snow saw afterward was a few seconds of typing, followed by the deafening silence of Law going offline.

Many days later, while Snow became extremely bored, he for once had finally decided to check the IW Discord. But upon opening #main-chat, he quickly realized that something was wrong. Much to his horror, he saw that many troops had their nicknames changed to random baloney. At that point, behind that screen, Snow had grown increasingly pale. As he witnessed many others on the Discord fall victim to their name being changed to insane things such as ‘@my @oatmeal @soup @is @amazing’, he began to tremble violently. Within seconds, the name-changing rampage had spread like wildfire, going from the LITs to trusted staff to ordinary troops, with many crying out in terror. 

With him being the name-changing fiend’s latest victim, Snow’s heart had gradually begun to thump. Despite his inherently lazy nature, he could not stand for having his name changed in any capacity. As he repeatedly attempted to change it back, it had continued to change back seconds after. Just as he rushed in an effort to close his tab, he saw a DM from Law.

Horror story material…

Upon seeing this monstrous image and already in a fit of panic from his name change, Snow screeched out in horror. At that moment, it was all too much for him. After immediately plummeting from his chair at the sight of this image, he hurried out of the house into the night as fast as a penguin could waddle. From that point onwards, the story of the name-changing monster had become an infamous cautionary tale, with people being warned to attend all IW events or they too would become an addition to this fiend’s name-changing list. Terror could be seen all around the server, as nobody would know when she’d strike next or who her next prey will be. But what had become of Snow? Well, after that traumatic experience, he had attended almost every IW event that had been put out. He simply couldn’t risk the chances of his name being changed again and receive yet another DM of Law’s ‘amazing’ oatmeal soup recipe. But was almost every event enough for Law? I guess that’s for you readers to decide.


Well, this is where the story comes to a close. I wonder what Law is going to do next. Maybe change everyone’s name to something new?  What shenanigans do YOU Law will turn to next while she is still leading? Be sure to comment or discuss your thoughts in the main chat or comments down below! And please remember to react in #iw-dragons-final-event so that we can give Law the amazing farewell that she deserves, or else your nickname will be next!


Don’t Freeze Up!






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