Sunday Funday #10

Happy Sunday Ice Warriors, are we ready for another edition of Sunday Funday? For those who haven’t played before, Sunday Funday is basically a collection of games where you can earn snowflakes for each game you win and you can buy some fun roles in our shop. We currently have an exclusive role for the month of October called Nightmare on IW street. Let’s go!
First up we have a fun game of unscramble the words where you guys need to figure out the following mashed up terms!

1. godarns lwa 
2. ruomom
3. falkwneos                         

The next activity is a new, but funny one. You’ll be provided with a screenshot with a message and you have to guess the blurred out sender. Some of them are obvious, and others are challenging. See if you can figure out who it is within these messages!

For the third game, we’re going to play Where’s Waldo, but staff. Try to find the requested staff or trusted staff in each event picture. Good luck to everyone!

Try to spot our Staff, Penguin (CPR username: PenguinIW) in this image?

Can you find our Staff, Turbo (CPR username: Enfys nest) in this event picture?

Can you spot our Leader in Training, Kristina (cpr username: grootsatree) in this photo?

The last game we have is a new version of spot the difference. Try to find the five oddities between the two images, they could be missing penguins, words or added symbols. Best of luck!

Alrighty warriors, that will wrap up this week’s collection of minigames, and we certainly hope you have enjoyed completing them. Don’t forget to send your answers to either .penguin#7613 or Purple ♡#4411 to receive some snowflakes! There’s also a very special battle coming up where we say our goodbyes to LawCorazon in her last event as leader. Make sure to react in #iw-dragons-final-event and #events-information to get notified about future events. Other than that we hope you have a relaxing week, and last but not least…

Don’t Freeze Up!



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