Troop/Staff/Recruiter of the week + Reporter of the month – October 4th 2021

Hello ice warriors! As we are soaring out of the September drop, we have had some exceptionally hardworking Warriors this week! These individuals always put in their total effort in the Ice Warriors and are all fantastic people to have in our community! The first days of October have been great for our size, and undoubtedly our sizes will rise even further! However, we couldn’t do this without our outstanding members. Continue reading to find out who has gone the extra mile and who the Reporter of the Month is too!

Troop of the Week: Victor
Staff of the Week: Nathan
Recruiter of the Week: Sebzy
Reporter of the Month: Josh

Victor joined the Ice Warriors relatively recently, back in early August! Since then, he has shown a lot of enthusiasm for our events and is constantly seen at them! He is super friendly in main chat and often uses the Yui bot in bot commands! He also tries his best to help new people make CPR accounts, and his hard work in Ice Warriors is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Victor!

Nathan is one of our most hardworking and friendly staff members! He frequently brings in new troops to IW and always makes everyone feel welcome! Nathan hosts many enjoyable games, constantly keeping us entertained and having fun! He is always extremely kind to people in main, helping them out and talking to many people. He never leaves anyone out! Thank you, Nathan for being a great example of a model staff member!

Sebzy is one of our best recruiters in IW! Last week, he brought in an astonishing 16 recruits! He always works extremely hard in the Recruiting Warriors to bring in as many new people as possible, and his efforts are truly admirable! He is also constantly seen chatting to people in main, and making everyone feel happy! Thank you, Sebzy!

Josh is an incredible reporter who always brings in top-quality posts! His ideas are always so creative, and he consistently makes every post different and special! They are so engaging and entertaining to read, and once you start reading, it’s impossible to stop until you’re finished! He has written many posts for the website, and how much effort he puts into them is clear to all those who read them! Thank you so much, Josh, for creating such great articles for us to read!

Huge congrats to you all! Your hard work and dedication in the Ice Warriors never go unnoticed, and we appreciate it so much! If you want to be the next Staff/Troop/Recruiter of the Week or even Reporter of the Month, keep coming to our events, talking in main, recruiting, and writing away! Make sure to say a massive congrats to all of these amazing individuals! ❤ 




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