Q&A: Ice Warriors Enter Frozen Fright

Greetings Ice Warriors!

I hope you all have to treat yourselves well. September is finally over, which means the spooky season is here. The Ice Warriors are more ready than ever for the terror that arrives within the month of October. Today, I went around asking our lovely troops and staff about anything we can expect to happen this month given we also have fun themes going on. We may also have a recap of last October with some veterans, so let’s get right to it.

What do you consider your favorite part of Halloween?
LxviI don’t know, maybe giving free candies and pranking my sister with a slender man costume :ohwell:.
ChezyThe candy and the community.
Corrupt Shadow
It would probably be the costume designing part.
Via: Maybe, trick or treats!

Knowing that candy, costumes, and scares are generally loved aspects of Halloween, there had to be a common favorite between the three. I went on to start a quick with poll 11 people on this and these were the results:

What is your favorite aspect of Halloween?
Candy – 3 votes
Costumes – 6 votes
Scares – 2 votes

How excited are you for the upcoming themed weeks?
Nathan: THEMED WEEKS ARE SO FUN!! Disney week is super fun already, and I cant wait to see what the next themes are! It’s super fun to dress up with someone else, like Lilo and Stitch!
Penguin: I’m so excited! Themed weeks are something that’s new and fresh, and I think that both the troops and staffs will enjoy it. it just makes your day a whole lot better when you open up discord and see everyone’s name and profile picture Disney themed :bulbasauraww:
Cloudy: Very excited, the fact that we can dress up on CPR as creative as we can, having themed profiles every week and of course getting the puzzle pieces to get that awesome prizes :goo~4:

When IW was on Club Penguin Armies, the iceberg was a big pumpkin for October, what’s something you like about it?
Purple: I really liked the pumpkin because it was so cute. It was probably one of my favorite rooms. :pumpkinwiggle~1:
CrisyI remember that room, it was cute and good for battles.
Chevy: Personally, I liked the pumpkin because of how ridiculous it looked. I don’t mean it looked bad, I mean I just thought it looked funny lol. I also liked it because it was a change from the normal iceberg, and it really made it cool.

That will do it for this Q&A. The fun of October is just beginning. I really hope you guys are hyped for the upcoming themes we’ll be having because I definitely am? What do you think the upcoming themes will be? Comment below any predictions you have. We also have a fun #🧩|october-puzzle-hunt, so be on the lookout for future events in #events-information to participate in the hunt. Have an amazing day, and remember…

Have no fear, for the Ice Warriors are here!

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