A Tribute for 2022 Accomplishments on CPR

What goes down Ice Warriors?

As you can imagine, there has been quite a lot that has happened over the last few weeks. The key takeaway is that the Ice Warriors, plus other armies, are now transitioning to the Club Penguin Army Battleground. Right now though, I would just like to thank you all for what you were able to help us Ice Warriors accomplish with this much time in 2022 so far. If it weren’t for you all, we wouldn’t be where we are at today as a strong unit in Club Penguin Armies as a whole. As a thank you, I want to recap some memorable events hosted this year that were on Club Penguin Rewritten before its shutdown. Let’s get to where it first started.

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Trivia Thursday #42

Hey there Ice Warriors!

As the academic season comes to an end, tournament season starts to rise back up again. This calls for hard work, dedication, and also a time to time break. Another edition of Trivia Thursday is here to spare you the time of searching for an activity to pass time. Today’s version will feature Christmas Chaos and winter-themed questions. Don’t forget, you do get snowflakes for answering them quickly so get out your thinking caps and get ready to sleigh the 42nd volume of Trivia Thursday!

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Q&A: Ice Warriors Enter Frozen Fright

Greetings Ice Warriors!

I hope you all have to treat yourselves well. September is finally over, which means the spooky season is here. The Ice Warriors are more ready than ever for the terror that arrives within the month of October. Today, I went around asking our lovely troops and staff about anything we can expect to happen this month given we also have fun themes going on. We may also have a recap of last October with some veterans, so let’s get right to it.

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Hi 100% Legit IW Leaders!

Today we logged onto CPR for the special event! This time you could for a bit lead our army and feel emotions that usually accompany leaders. Thank you for all the amazing tactics and interesting formations!

== max penguins online: 46 ==

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Mop the CPR! [AUSIA]

Hi Ice Warriors!

Yesterday we logged onto CPR with our golden mops. Someone told us the game needs to shine! All the greatest AUSIA Troops helped us in this performance!

== max penguins online: 35 ==

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Ice Fishing [EU]

Hi Fishermans!

On 27th May we decided to go finishing. Everyone grabbed their fishing rods and some worms and of course some nice snacks. The aim was to catch the BIG MULLET! You made it?

== max penguins online: 40 ==

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Practice Battle & Game Night with PIC [EU]

Hi Ice Warriors!

On 25th May we logged onto CPR for a short practice battle with PIC Army and some games after! Did you win extra Snowflakes this time? Let us know!

== max penguins online: 43 ==

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Caveman Pizza Takeover [AUSIA]

Ooga Booga Warriors!

On Sunday 23rd May we logged onto CPR to try a new type of pizza! Stone Pizzas aren’t our favs but still better than pineapple pizzas. 😉 Hope you spent a good time with us!

== max penguins online: 33 ==

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