A Tribute for 2022 Accomplishments on CPR

What goes down Ice Warriors?

As you can imagine, there has been quite a lot that has happened over the last few weeks. The key takeaway is that the Ice Warriors, plus other armies, are now transitioning to the Club Penguin Army Battleground. Right now though, I would just like to thank you all for what you were able to help us Ice Warriors accomplish with this much time in 2022 so far. If it weren’t for you all, we wouldn’t be where we are at today as a strong unit in Club Penguin Armies as a whole. As a thank you, I want to recap some memorable events hosted this year that were on Club Penguin Rewritten before its shutdown. Let’s get to where it first started.

Beginning 2022, we had received the results for the Top 10 Armies of 2021. The results have shown that us Ice Warriors managed to earn the title of #1 Army of 2021. That same day, we witnessed IW Mythic, Flamez get inducted to Major CPA Legend. Already, we’re starting off really strong, and we hoped to keep up the momentum to potentially become the #1 Army of 2022.

CPAN’s Top 10 Armies of 2021

Our first event of the year involved us Ice Warriors igniting the light (I still love the name of this event), where we had performed tactics primarily focusing on what future 2022 brings us. This event had also featured one of our allies known as the Fire Warriors.


Ignite the Night

 AUSIA Arena was the first tournament of 2022, and the Ice Warriors were in for heavy preparations with the opportunity to get a championship super early for the year. While we may not have won, we got respectably far in tournament, being able to reach the Finals.

Our AUSIA Arena Trophy

The Semi-finals for AUSIA Arena was most certainly our best highlight, a battle between the Ice Warriors and the Help Force. It was very close, but we came out on top. What makes this a big deal is knowing what we were against. The Help Force is an army with an incredibly strong AUSIA division, so us coming out on top was insanely hype for us.


AA Semis vs HF

We were hoping to get even stronger with that performance for future tournaments. Speaking of which, March Madness definitely will come to mind first if we’re talking about accomplishments. There’s a lot to take in here, so buckle up. There were a handful of things that could easily be pointed out. After barely reaching the Semi-finals (coming from a close Quarterfinals match against the Water Vikings), the Ice Warriors had some doubts come to mind since we were against our strong allies of the Rebel Penguin Federation, an army known to be close to unmatched in tournament battles. We had odds against us, but hope was not fully lost.


MM Semis vs RPF (Winning Room #1)

Even with some of us not feeling too confident, the Ice Warriors had done the “impossible” where we managed to WIN over RPF. This was the most hyped any of us had been in a long time, made a big deal because of the unfavored odds and the fact RPF is without a doubt our strongest ally, known to have won over us in previous tournaments. It made us the first army to win over them in a tournament battle in a long time.

MM Semis vs RPF (Overtime Win)


The win gave us the energy we needed to be prepared for the Finals, up against HF. At this point, we were incredibly confident the Finals win was in the hands of the Ice Warriors. In fact, the Finals had turned out the least close of our March Madness battles, being a dominant win for us Ice Warriors winning 2 rooms. Something amusing I had found was that since the Semi-finals was on a Sunday and the Finals was on a Saturday, we actually straight up won two tournament battles in the same week, which was simply amazing.


MM Finals vs HF

Our performance in the Finals had been unmatched given we didn’t even lose a single room. Not only did it bring us a tournament victory, but the THREEPEAT we’ve been hoping to achieve as well. This THREEPEAT consisted of us winning 3 March Madness tournaments in a row, an incredible accomplishment indeed. Everyone was worn out afterwards, but it was worth it in the end.


Our March Madness Victory Trophy


After March Madness, we’ve had a few events to celebrate our victory, the last of which on CPR was a Bee Takeover. The 2nd in commands had grabbed their microphones and filled the roles of being leaders for the event, providing some of the best (corny) tactics. Yeah, they stung, you can beelieve me there (I’m not sorry). Aside from the Infinite amount of puns (still not sorry), it was definitely a fun event.

Bee Takeover

The Ice Warriors are definitely not done as an army; tomorrow, we’ll be seen looking as dominant as ever on Club Penguin Army Battleground. Future events are going to be exciting to look forward to, since we believe there may be major impacts on our performance in events. Plus we get commands again like !army IW? Yes please. You all have made IW what it is today, a very fun community while being a dominant army of the meta. We hope to see you in this new Club Penguin era and help us dominate there. But until next time Ice Warriors…


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