Trivia Thursday #42

Hey there Ice Warriors!

As the academic season comes to an end, tournament season starts to rise back up again. This calls for hard work, dedication, and also a time to time break. Another edition of Trivia Thursday is here to spare you the time of searching for an activity to pass time. Today’s version will feature Christmas Chaos and winter-themed questions. Don’t forget, you do get snowflakes for answering them quickly so get out your thinking caps and get ready to sleigh the 42nd volume of Trivia Thursday!

For those of you who have never done a Trivia Thursday, it’s actually quite simple. Answer the questions below with accuracy and you can receive some sweet snowflakes. Yes yes, the same snowflakes that you can spend on the limited role available right now in the #shop. Congratulations to SilverboyMogi, and QtBen for winning the last Trivia Thursday. If you were stuck on any of the questions, the answers are listed below:

1. Golden Mop Expert

2. 300 Snowflakes

3. IceQueenKallyIceyfeetKristina

4. 3-0 Win

5. Gold/Yellow

Once again, a huge congratulations to all who won, and now on to this week’s questions! All of the questions asked will be related to Christmas Chaos or the winter season, and they can all be found with a bit of searching through Discord or the IW website. If you think you’ve got the answers, be sure to submit them in the comments section below. The first three people to get them correct gets some cool snowflakes. Are you ready? If so, let’s begin!

1. In the semifinals of CCX, the Ice Warriors maxed around __ against DCP.

a.) 85    b.) 93   c.) 102   d.) 114

2. Who did IW battle in the finals of last year’s Christmas Chaos?

3. True/False: The finals of the first-ever Christmas Chaos tournament was a three-way battle.

4. In 2012, the Ice Warriors maxed 60 in the finals of Christmas Chaos, who did we face off against?

5.  What is the name of the limited edition role that’s currently in the shop?

Alright warriors, that will be it for this week’s Trivia Thursday! Don’t forget to post your answers below in the comments section, as well as attend our Club Penguin Rewritten events. We have a huge upcoming battle this weekend, and I hope to see you all there. If you wish to get notified for when the event starts, be sure to react in #christmas-chaos. Also, keep your eyes peeled for new events and training. Last but not least…

If thou not attend thy chaos event, DrQueen shall be thou to death with her hammer 🔨🙏


4 Responses

  1. D
    Official Reindeer of IW


  2. 1 B

    2 Defenders or WV

    3 true

    4 ?

    5 Reindeer of SubZero


  3. 1. D
    2. RPF
    3. True
    4. DW
    5. Official Reindeer of SubZero


  4. 1: 114 (D)
    2: RPF (i think lmao)
    3: true
    4: dark warriors????
    5: Official Reindeer Of SubZero


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