Q&A: Predicting the Semi-finals (CCXI Edition)

Hello Ice Warriors once again!!

I hope you guys have been taking care of yourselves recently, keeping yourself calm through tough times. With Christmas Chaos currently going underway, the first round already being completed, it’s crucial for Ice Warriors to remain as ready as we can ever be. Today’s Q&A will mostly focus on predicting the outcome of the second round of Christmas Chaos. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

How confident were you that IW was winning the first round for Christmas Chaos?
I was really excited ! The other team did amazingly well to but IW always comes out on top! I am super duper excited for the next event! I think IW have got this and we WILL WIN IW FAM FOREVER 💙
SebzyI was super confident because IW is super pro.
Todoro9/10 I was confident that we would win. It was fun going up against our ally and helping sending Electrumm/Amber off as her last event.

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 7.09.02 PM

IW vs SE CCXI Quarterfinals

Were you excited for IW to get back into tournament action?
I was so excited because to be honest, normal events are not as exciting as tournaments. It’s been a while since the previous tournament, and I missed it. I was very happy to hear Christmas Chaos was coming and you also get good rewards and its fun to see all of the Ice Warriors coming together AND BEATING THE HECK OUT OF THE ARMIES AND KABOOM. Ahem, ok i got a little to excited but YESSS LETS WIN THIS TOURNAMENT WOOOOOOO :yay:
Melonz: Yes, 100% im so glad for the Ice Warriors to come back strong and to never walk back empty-handed. I’m so proud for IW and how far we have come in Christmas chaos this year :melonz:
PenguinOh I was super excited. IW has been doing very well, our staff team has worked their tailbones off these past few weeks in preparation for CCXI and I’m excited to crush our opponents. Tournament season has a different vibe and it’s really fun to be around. Everyone’s grinding and putting in the effort, amazing teamwork.

Given we’re against the Templars for the Semi-finals, an army we swept in a practice battle with, what’s the outcome of the Semi-finals that you predict?
Hmmmmmmm to be exact, I am 99.99% sure we are going to win, mostly because of the recent practice battle that we took the win for. As for the exact outcome of the battle, I think maybe a 3-0 win unless we either tie in a room. The templars are pretty cool but we can most likely do better, with our amazing troops, staff, and leaders.
Suation: Pretty confident since we won the other practice battle, I believe we’d win.
BenAlthough we did beat Templars in a practice battle, I still believe they are a very strong army. However, I think that IW is even stronger, and I predict that if IW works as hard as possible this week, we can take down the Templars, become victorious, and advance to the finals of CCXI :Cool:
Nathan: Well, it is on a Sunday, perhaps one of the best days of the week, meaning more people able to attend. But the bigger problem looks over us, finals week. Personally, I have finals all next week, and Sunday and Monday are my only days to really prepare for them, but CCXI is here, so I will be dedicating a few hours to it, and I hope many of us do the same, with all of us working together, to bring new people in, get new troops CPR accounts, we can definitely win. #ICE>GOLD

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 7.18.49 PM

IW’s Recent PB vs TCP

 Semi-finals and they’re anticipated to be significantly more challenging than the previous round, what’s the best way for the Ice Warriors to be as ready as possible?
The semi-finals of Christmas Chaos (CCXI) is this weekend and it’s the most important round of the tournament, if we win we will be in the CCXI FINALS! This tournament only comes once a year and Ice Warriors are one of the very few armies in the past history of CCX to be its winners! We need to be more ready than ever and absolutely smash it this weekend! To do that we all must be super hyped, I expect EVERYONE in the ice family to be ready to go! Make sure to remind your friends about it and be online no later than 10 mins before we start as the starting room will fill up quickly! Remember to be ALERT, be FIRST in the battle rooms, have CLEAN forms, and continue to SPAM tactics even if you lag <– THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! I believe that we will win, the Ice Warriors spirit never ever dies. Together we’re stronger, Ice Family forever and always! :iwsalute::iwheart::iceqsalute:

To end 2021 on a high note, IW has been keeping consistent motivation for Christmas Chaos. We know what to expect coming up next Sunday, a challenging battle everyone is ready for. What do you think, do you have faith that IW will be able to pull off an upcoming Semi-finals victory? Feel free to let us know. Enjoy the rest of your day and remember…




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