October Penguin Style 2021


Did I scare you? I think I spooked myself a bit there! Do you know what else is spooky, though? This October penguin style is filled with tons of different tricks and treats! Some of these Halloween costumes are perfect for scaring the daylight out of your friends or some less scary costumes, whichever you choose! Keep reading to find all the hidden items!

On this first page, you can find: A Haunted Pumpkin Basket, The Nine Lives hairstyle, Halloween 3D Glasses, a Purple Halloween Scarf, Cat Eyes, a Kitty Costume, Cleo Headdress, and a Cleo Dress.

On the second page, you can find: Squeak Proof Shoes, Pegasus Wings, Creepy Doll Makeup, a Flashlight, a Princess Costume, Ghost Goggles, a Ghost Catcher Uniform, a Creepy Doll Costume, and a Tiara.

On the third page, you can find: A Skeleton, a Skeleton Mask, Black and white pizza, a Purple Ghost Costume, a Unicorn Costume, a Spider Queen Dress, a Swamp Monster, an Illumionous Ghost Costume, and a Candy Corn Costume.

On the fourth page, you can find The Chamberlain hairstyle, a Butler Suit, a Halloween Scarf, The Flutter hairstyle, The Butler Brow, and a Skull Mask.

On the final page of the updated catalog, you can find a Balloon Vendor apron and a Blacksmith Apron! Both aprons have special dances.


That’s it for this penguin style! Would you instead mix and match costumes and make your own creature or stick to the classic monsters? Let me know! Happy Halloween, Ice Warriors!

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