Weekly Recap: September 26, 2021- October 2nd 2021

Good Evening Ice Warriors,

It’s your Queen’s Duo, DrQueen, and IceQueen. Back at it again with another weekly recap!!! We are super relieved that the infamous September drop is finally over. October has arrived, bringing us a new month to achieve big things and make even more extended history! However, let’s took a look to see what happened this week and our achievements for September.

You could say this week was Ice Warrior’s most successful week in September/October. To begin with, a total of 6 staff got promoted. The following who got promoted this week were:

Hana & Wayne received a promotion to Full Staff

Grace (Pickle Queen) got promoted to Major General

Angel got promoted to Command Officer

Nathan got promoted to Lieutenant General

Purple got promoted to Second in Command 

Not just these promotions were the most exciting aspect of this week, we also found out that Ice Warriors will be hosting a spirit/themed week that will be announced on Sunday’s AUSIA. Our October Puzzle piece was revealed, including winning our exclusive October role, Nightmare on IW Street! Ice Warriors also placed #1 on the Top 10 armies of the month to wrap things on a good note. Without our hardworking Troops and Staff, we couldn’t achieve that accomplishment. Congrats IW! Let’s go ahead and now take a look at the events that were hosted this week.

IW Coin Mining


Max: 31

Troop U-Lead


Max: 43

Day at the Fair PB with SE


Max: 30

PB vs. WV


Max: 24


IW Propeller Cap Takeover


Max: 37

Disclaimer: haharice1440 is an IW troop as well as P4247698

Pizza vs. Coffee Showdown PB vs. Help Force


Max: 30

As mentioned, we are finally thrilled that September is finally over. Even though this month was supposed to take a hit on Ice Warriors, we placed #1 on the TT boards twice in a row, saw the promotion of our favorite potato, DrQueen to Leader, continued to host unique events, and stayed close together as a family. We thank you all for sticking with us! Here’s to a good October!

Live Life from one high to another & Love Yourself ❤

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