Fan Art Friday #41

Hello Ice Warriors

Good day to you guys, and I hope you all had an amazing September. Get your pumpkin spice lattes and soup ready because we have another amazing edition of Fan Art Friday. Let’s start this wonderful month of October with some warm and positive energy. Prepare yourself for some amazing art created by the troops and staff members of IW!

To start things off, we have an amazing hand-drawn artwork created by our Staff in TrainingKozs!

Penguin: I know Halloween is right around the corner and I loved the details on the hat. how long did it take you and what inspired you to create this?

Kozs: Well every year I change my pfp to be Halloween themed so I decided to actually draw something this year, and it took me about an hour and a half.

 The second piece of art was created by Private First ClassOwotime!

Penguin: I really liked this piece! What application did you use to create it?

Owotime: I used Ibis Paint, it’s very easy to use. 

Penguin: Awesome! Do you have a lot of experience with drawing and using it?

Owotime: I have some experience cuz I have to draw a lot of contest in school so I try to draw on phone sometimes. 

Our next masterpiece was put together by retired staff member, Al!

Penguin: I loved this artwork! What were your thoughts while completing this piece?

Al: Well, I do a lot of trace and colour, but I really liked this one, The background is a new thing I decided to try out, while completing it (I did this in the car on the way back home from school) but it powered my creativity since that’s what six hours of listening will do to you, lol, but personally I think it’s awesome, one of my better works.

The final creation was made by our amazing Corporal, 𝓚𝓘𝓝𝓖 𝓛𝓝𝓟𝓢𝓖!

Penguin: I saw you drew this! What inspired you to create this?

𝓚𝓘𝓝𝓖 𝓛𝓝𝓟𝓢𝓖: Oh lol, it’s yvetal, legendary Pokemon. Tbh I really just loved Pokémon when I was like 7 or something. And I drew many Pokémon at that time, I still watch or re-watch but I don’t draw it, I just got an sudden feeling to draw.

Well folks, that’ll be the end of this week’s edition of Fan Art Friday. If you’d like a chance to get featured in future articles, be sure to post your awesome creations in the #fan-art channel. Don’t forget to attend our upcoming events on CPR and react in #events-information! Enjoy the rest of your day, and I hope you have an amazing weekend. Other than that…

Don’t Freeze Up!


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