April Penguin Style Catalog

Hello Ice Warriors!

A brand new penguin style catalog is out so let’s jump right into those hidden items, shall we?

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CPR March Clothing Catalog

Hello IW!

Today a brand new clothing catalogue was released to go with the Noir Party. Will you be a detective or a thief? Can you find all the froggy hats?

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Rockhopper & Stu Crash IW Event

On February 24th, the Ice Warriors were preparing for our battle; Coffee vs Pizza vs PIC when two very unexpected and famous penguins showed up. Iceyfeet1234, being famous in the CPA community himself, was still super excited to see Stu and Rockhopper at our event!

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Water Battle v.s. RR [US]

Hello Troops!

Yesterday we logged onto Ascent to practice battle with Red Ravagers. To make it more interesting we splited into two groups – Life Vest Team and Scuba Diving Team. Our ally chose Mermeid Team. The water themed battle went well and made everyone so satisfactioned. Thanks to all that attended! Congrats to winning team! Let us know what to do you think about themed event in comments sections! Are they better than usual ones?

== max penguins online: 45 ==

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CPR February Catalogs

Hello Ice Warriors!!

A new furniture catalog has been released in CP Rewritten so let’s dive right into it!

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Hello Ice Warriors!

Have you ever thought how would army works if it had 51 leaders? Would it be so chaotic? Yesterday we checked it for you by hosting Troop U-Lead event! All troops had an unique chance to lead our army with 100% Legit Leader role! What are your thoughts about events like that? Should we host more that kind event? Did you discover your leading skills? Let us know in comment section!

== max penguins online: 51 ==

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Hi lovely Troops!

Yesterday we logged onto Ascent to practice some skills. What can I say… you were amazing as usual! Speed room changing, funny tactics and really clear formations. We love to see this! Thank you for sticking with us!

==max penguins online: 54 ==

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Showdown Practice Battle v.s. PIC [EU/US]

Hi Ice Warriors!

On Wednesay we had a practice battle v.s. People’s Imperial Confederation. To make it more funny we spread into two teams – Team Pizza and Team Coffee! Your creativity with tactics impresses us! Keep it going! Thanks to PIC for amazing battle and huge congrats to pizza lovers for winning this time (the legend says Rockhopper, who appeared on the server, supported them, hope you got a stamp!).

==max penguins online: 45 ==

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