Penguin Style – January 2022

Happy New Year Ice Warriors! It’s time for our very first Penguin Style of 2022 in CPR! Our cheats posts began back in November of 2020, we’ve come a long way since then. Now let’s jump right into this new catalogue and see what hidden outfits CPR have to offer this year!

On the first page you can find; a First Maiden Outfit, the Swabbie Hairstyle, The Rascal Hairstyle, The Popstar Hairstyle, a Lost Sailor Outfit, The Scallywag Hairstyle, a Forged Bracelet, Watermelon Jungle Clothing and a White Admiral Jacket!

On the second page you can find; an Aqua Striped T-shirt, a Black and Red Sailor Shirt, an Admiral’s Coat, The Showstopper Hairstyle, a Navy Suit, a Park Ranger Hat, The Navy Officer hat, a Pirate Bandana, a Lifering, an Admiral jacket, The Lookout Hairstyle, and an Eyepatch.

On the third page you can find; a Ship Shape Outfit, Pirate Arm Bands, Helmsman Vest, Pirate Boots, Brown Pirate Boots and a Captian Greatcoat.

On the fourth and final page you can find, The Sass hairstyle, a Diamond Viking Helmet, the Firey Flare hairstyle, a Gray Pirate Coat and the Wisp Hairstyle.


That’s all for this month’s Penguin Style catalogue! What kind of items do you think the Furniture and Igloo catalogues will bring for the party? Stay tuned for more cheat posts!

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