Fan Art Friday #52

How are we doing Ice Warriors!

I hope everyone is having an excellent New Year so far. I certainly know I am! As we start transitioning into the new year, lets take a look as to what some of our Ice Warriors artists have been up to with our very first edition of Fan Art Friday for 2022. Lets dive right in shall we?

First up we have very creative artist, Jay, who has made us a lot of unique puffles from Club Penguin Rewritten.

Silver: Heyo Jay, I loved how unique your drawing was. I want to know, what was your inspiration for this drawing?

Jay: I just love how cute and adorable puffles are and I actually needed a new banner, so I thought like “Alright, let’s make a puffle family then!” and everything clicked!

Up next, we have a very well-done picture by Skylor that really portrays some of the emotions that we feel everyday like confusion, sadness, happiness, and etc!

After that, we have a picture of a Huggy Wuggy Anglerfish by Charizard.

Silver: Hi Charizard, I was really impressed with your Anglerfish Huggy Wuggy. Can you tell me anything about it?

Charizard: Actually, I was inspired by the species known as “Anglerfish”, so yeah. That’s why I had to draw that because why not? lol

Finally, our last picture was made by our very own Captain Eternal which shows my two mothers, Purple and DrQueen, as clown penguins, which is very offensive if you ask me (jk).

Silver: Hey Captain, I was kind of offended at how you portrayed my mothers. How do you explain where you got your inspiration from?

Captain Eternal: Ah ok, so funny story actually. It was a break day for the hard-working Ice Warriors, so naturally I took some time to myself to visit the local circus, as I heard they had hired some new entertainers. Turns out, they actually hired Purple and DrQueen as clowns! They were naturals, and were the main attraction of the event! Now, I already knew Purple was a clown (and had been for ages) but I didn’t know DrQueen was a clown until I saw her that night! My drawing is actually a recreation of them hugging each other at the end of their circus act in the spotlight! If you see them around in IW, make sure to call them clowns for me!

Well, that just about wraps up this week’s edition and this year’s first edition of Fan Art Friday. I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and do not forget about our HUGE upcoming event in #hall-of-fame-inductions. I will see you there and as always, Ice Warriors 


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  1. Nice art. I hope you guys can unban me from the server soon!



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