Trivia Thursday #45

Hello hello Ice Warriors! It is I, DelightedGOYAL, back with the latest edition of Trivia Thursday! Hope you guys are having the best start to the new year. I know I certainly am since winter break is over and school is back up and running!

Before we go into this edition of Trivia Thursday, as usual, let me remind you of how it works! Basically, every Thursday, a new edition of this post gets released. In these posts, there are 5 questions where you can find the answers on the IW discord server or on this very website! If you find the answers to all 5 of these questions, then you will get snowflakes to use in our #shop! You have to be quick though, because only the first 3 people will get it! Alrighty, hopefully you know how that works. Now let’s move on!

Oh no! I almost forgot! I need to tell you who won the last trivia game! Well I guess now is a good time. Please congratulate Cloudy512 and Mogi4 for getting all the answers correct! There were quite a few different responses so let me tell you the correct answers from last edition!

1) December 17th

2) EZ

3) Custom Role Giveaway – 5000, Ice Royalty – 12000, Official Reindeer Of Sub Zero – 10000

4) Answers could have varied but some TOTW’s could’ve been Kapi and Lucy and for the SMOTW’s it could’ve been Infinite and Eternal

5) Answers again could’ve varied but some include Crisy, Maya or Nathan (found in the pinned message of #international-chat)


Alright! So those were the answers to last edition’s questions. Let’s have a look at the brand new questions for this week’s edition of Trivia Thursday!

1) What is the name of Todoro’s custom role?

2) How many people are in the IW discord server? (doesn’t have to be an exact number since it changes all the time)

3) Name 3 Advisors (Leaders who have retired but are still around helping the army)

4) What rank do you need to achieve to get Picture perms?

5) Mogi4 is broke and needs more IW snowflakes so he can confidently show his face in public. Name 2 ways that he can get more snowflakes and not be a clown.

So those were this week’s 5 questions, if you know the answers, then reply to this post below before 3 other people do! Remember to have a great week and stay warm! It is especially cold outside! Until then keep an eye on #ausia-events-information, #events-information AND #hall-of-fame-inductions!! Who will be inducted? We’ll have to wait and see! Until then, see you in #main-chat!


3 Responses

  1. 1 – Love Yourself Speak Yourself
    2 – 22242
    3 – Ben, Madhav, Shinde (Purposefully didn’t put Regan)
    4 – Major
    5 – Attending Events, Recruiting


  2. 1. Love yourself speak yourself
    2. 22241
    3. Shinde, Madhav, Flamez
    4. Major
    5. IM NOT POOR. And if I was I’ll just sell one of my 10000000000000000000000000000 diamonds I have in my palace. (real answers: Attending events/game events, giveaways, and inviting people to the server)


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