Troop/Staff/Recruiter of the Week + Reporter of the Month: January 3rd, 2022

Hi Ice Family! As we waved goodbye to 2021, 2022 arrived and these hardworking penguins have started the new year doing everything that they can for the Ice Warriors. Keep reading to find out who these amazing warriors are!:stitchCelebrate:

Troops of the Week: Hunter3 & Kee

Recruiters of the Week: BumbleBee & DrQueen

Staff Members of the Week: Aiga & DelightedGoyal

Reporter Of the Month: Penguin

Hard Working Penguins on their way to help IW!

Congrats to these two hard-working troops Hunter3 and Kee on TOTW! Hunter3 was recently promoted to Head General, so close to SIT. Kee received a double promotion to Corporal First Class at this week’s promotion party. They both have amazing attendance for CPR events and are both really active in our main chat! We are so happy to have you both in IW. Keep it up, I cant wait to see you both join our staff team in the future!

First I would like to congratulate BumbleBee on ROTW! BumbleBee recently became a Recruiting warrior and has been working really hard to bring in new members into IW. Congratulations to DrQueen on also achieving ROTW. Even though this girl is busy with leader duties she still finds the time to recruit and has brought in over 1k new members into Ice Warriors! Stan BumbleBee and DrQueen you are both amazing recruiters and IW is very lucky to have you both!

Aiga and DelightedGoyal have been doing an amazing job this past week. They both attended most of our CPR events and have been doing an outstanding job at completing their staff duties. Aiga and Delighted are both amazing at welcoming new troops and helping them get set up on CPR. They are also both very active in our main chat. We are very proud of you both Aiga and DelightedGoyal, can’t wait to see how far you both go!

Penguin has been a great reporter, always making incredible posts for all of IW to read. You can always rely on her to take a post and turn it into her own little thing. These posts are always engaging with great grammar etc and because of this, she’ll be getting reporter of the month for a second time! Thank you so much Penguin for making great posts for IW, you are very appreciated and deserve this role a lot, love you troll!

Make sure to congratulate these 7 hard-working Ice Warriors in the main chat! If you want a chance to be the next TOTW, ROTW, or SMOTW, keep attending our CPR events, chatting in the main chat, and recruiting new members into the Ice Warriors! Hard work never goes unnoticed. Thank you all so much for reading as always… Stronger Together, Ice Family Forever!:iw_scribble_heart: :CrisySalute: :bluebutterfly:

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