Sunday Funday #20

Hello Ice Warriors!

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and an awesome holiday break. As a new year begins, we turn a new page and we’re presenting a new edition of Sunday Funday. If you don’t know what Sunday Funday is, it’s a series of minigames that you can earn snowflakes for completing. Today’s games are chill and relaxing so sit back and enjoy!

The first game we have is a crossword. Try to figure out the words based on the clue and the number of letters. You can find the answers on the Ice Warriors website, Discord, or in Club Penguin Rewritten!

Next up is a new edition of Where’s Waldo, but Staff! Find the requested staff/HCOM member in each event picture. Their penguin usernames are listed below so it will be a little bit easier!

Try to find our Trusted Staff member Purple (CPR username: Purplelady05)

Try to find our Leader DrQueen (CPR username: DrQueen)

Can you find our Staff member Silverboy (CPR username: djtiger8) in the event picture?

The final game is uncover the hidden penguin. In each photo there will be a scratched out penguin, try to figure out who it is! They may be challenging so feel free to dig through Discord for some help. 

The clown should help a little. 

That will be the end of this week’s Sunday Funday. If you have figured out all the solutions, don’t forget to DM .penguin#7613 with you answers to receive your snowflakes! As always, please be sure to react in #events-information to get the details for our upcoming events. I hope to see on Club Penguin Rewritten and last but not least…

Don’t Freeze Up!

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