February 2022 – Better Igloos

Happy Valentines Day Ice Warriors! CPR has given us a little Valentine’s gift; the Better Igloos catalog! This year I’m spending time with my Puffle friends and having lots of snacks with them! Speaking of Puffles, there’s lots of Puffle-themed furniture in this catalog so let’s waddle right in shall we?


On the first page you can find; A Puffle Tube Tower, a Puffle Bubble Tube, a Short Puffle Tube, and a T-joint Puffle Tube

On the second page you can find; a Yellow Puffle Picture, a Red Puffle Picture, a Brown Puffle Picture, a White Puffle Picture, a Pink Puffle Picture, and a Green Puffle Picture

On the third page, you can find; an O’berry Bush, a Puffle Table, a Wilds Puffle House, a Wilds Puffle Treehouse, a Puffle Tire Swing, a Stump Drawer, a Rustic Puffle Table, and a Stump Seat.

On the fourth page you can find; a Party Banner, a Jungle Fern, a Cheeky Lantern, a Zebra, an Acacia Tree, and a Hippopotamus.

Here are the two new igloos for February!

That’s all for the February cheats! Which Puffle is your favorite? Mine is the Yellow Puffle since they love art just like me! Let me know in the comments. Happy Valentines Day!

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