Q&A: Valentine’s Edition

Hey Ice Warriors! I wish you all a great day! We do hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day with a loved one or even just a friend. With V-Day having just passed, we decided to ask some people a few questions. These include what they did, some opinions on the day, who they’d take as their IW valentine, and even what special day they’d like to have. Let’s get to it!

For our first question, I asked people how they spent their Valentine’s day! 

Toony: I spent Valentine’s by asking someone to be my Valentine! We planned a little date,  watched movies and some anime together, played games with my valentine and got flowers and chocolates.

Cloudy: I didn’t do a lot of things during Valentine’s Day, except showing love to my close friends and also seeing the winners on the Valentine’s contest 😀

Light: Spent the day eating chocolate and watching TV since I don’t have anyone to go with.

IW’s Valentine’s Day event!

Next up I asked, “Who would be your IW valentine and why?”

Rach: I’d say Subster, cause she my wifey for lifey uwu

Icy: Piya, because she is the longest (female) friend I’ve had, and it isn’t like serious or anything, but just because we are such good friends, for such a long time. And Icey on second place of course 😩

Josh: My IW Valentine? Hmmmm, honestly that’s a bit hard for me to think about, but if I had to choose someone, it’d probably be Rach, she has one of the sweetest souls to me.

Melonz: I would say Emma because she is the biggest pro ever and we have been best friends for a while (and she also agrees to name all my pigs piggy and that my klombos are cute). owowowowo

Luna’s Love Heart Sign

Time for our third question! For this question, I asked if these people believe Valentine’s is just a way to get people to spend their money and that we should be spending everyday of the year showing love to our significant other(s), not just one.

Julia: Absolutely it’s just a way to get people to spend money. Most holiday’s have become like that honestly. Not only is it that, but it puts expectations on males to get gifts for their significant other. Occasionally the female, but oftentimes marketing is directed towards females to have high expectations and for males to get “ideas”. I firmly believe that Valentine’s Day either makes or breaks couples because of this, because the simplest thing could ruin a relationship. “You didn’t buy me flowers? That’s so inconsiderate!! It’s Valentine’s Day and you didn’t even try to show me that you love me!!!” Getting someone flowers on valentines day could be the difference between spending the rest of your life with someone vs. ending everything right then and there. And honestly if that’s the case that it ends because of that, it’s probably a good thing…

Chevy: I don’t particularly believe Valentine’s is just a holiday meant to spend money but I do think we should be appreciating our loved ones everyday (a lot of ppl do that though lol!). Valentine’s is not as important to me as it is to other people because other ppl like all that gooey love stuff 🤪 but it is a great day to really have an excuse to go the extra mile! All in all it’s a great holiday for s/o’s to have an excuse to be all lovey dovey but again idk why we need a specific day to do that 💃   

(editors note: he’s a very good cupid, very successful, 10/10 would recommend)

Every post has to have a last question, so here’s the last one. If you could create a special day in the year, what would it be? And to the reader, you can answer any of these questions in the comments below!

Purple: Probably the national candy day, where you can eat candy all day without someone saying anything.

Jay: A Cat’s Day! Cat’s Day would be a special day in the year when owners take extra good care of their little, adorable pets. There’d be no school or jobs during this day and all you’d need to do is show your cat(s) how much you love them ❤️

Waddle: If I could create a special day, I would like to create Parents Day, on that day we can show our appreciation to any parental figure in our lives regardless of their gender.

This is all for the Valentine’s Q&A! Well, very different ideas and opinions on Valentine’s Day. I’d just like to give a quick well done to the winners of the Valentine’s Day Contest! Make sure to congratulate Luna, Bee, and Cleo when you see them in #main-chat. Make sure to keep attending events, in preparation for our upcoming Ausia Arena Finals and never forget…

Don’t Freeze Up!

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  1. If I were to make a national holiday it would be brick day

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