CPR November Furniture Catalog 2021

Hello Ice Warriors! As the days become shorter and the weather becomes colder, the closer we get to the winter holidays! Now, not everybody celebrates the same way but why not prepare for the winter months with the new furniture? Keep your igloo nice and cozy or make a winter wonderland! Just remember, don’t freeze up in your own igloo! Continue reading to see what this catalogue has to offer!


Page 1 you can find a Clinic Entrance, a General Store Front, and a Frost Pillar.

Page 2 you can find a Lamp Post, an Ice Block, a Right Princess Door, an Ice Pillar, a Left Princess Door and some Lanterns

Page 3 you can find an S Curve Ramp, a Princess Throne, a Princess Armoire, Icicle Lights, a Modern Coffee Table and an Ice Rug

Page 4 you can find a Stone Lantern, a Weathered Path, a Stone Walkway, a Jutting Rock, a Snowflake, a Rugged Rock and a Welcome mat.

Page 5 you can find Stone Wall Ruins, a Wilds Puffle House, a Stone Wall, a Wilds Puffle Treehouse, Stone Column Ruins, a Wood Bench and a Trashcan.

On page 6 you can find Rice Paper Wall, the Mona Lisa, a Snowy Tree, a Ship Deck, a Modern End Table and a Search Light.


That’s all for now! What kind of igloo will you build? An Ice Palace like Icequeen or a Cozy Winter Cabin? Show us your igloo designs! Thanks for reading ❤

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