Fan Art Friday #49

Hello and good morning Ice Warriors!

The end of the week is getting close, and with it is the release of the 49th edition of Fan Art Friday, the last one before we get to the month of December! We’re getting close to the 50th edition, and there’s always a lot of impressive art to see from our Ice Artists every week. Let’s go take a look at each artwork and find out a bit more about them.

The first artwork was made by our Private First Class, XLKJ-897.

JoshHey XLKJ, I was really interested in your drawing, do you mind telling me a bit about it?

XLKJWell, it is an old art piece, I actually have some work in progress art as well.

The next piece is a simple stick drawing made by our Command Officer Hiro.

JoshHi Hiro, so I know the art here is relatively simple, but can you tell me a bit more about it?

Hiro: Well, this stickman, he’s looking for an orange flower for his partner. He managed to find one. Before he picked up the flower, he said hello to the flower first. 🙂

Up next, we have a beautiful cat drawing made by our current Staff in Training Suation.

JoshHey Suation, I was really impressed with the cat drawing you made, was there any inspiration behind it, and what did you use to make it?

Suation: There wasn’t a whole lot of inspiration, I mainly just thought of it randomly. I used Ibis Paint X to make it.

Finally, we have an interesting piece made by another one of our Staffs in Training Msflimflam. Here, we have an awesome Christmas photo for the Ice Warriors.

JoshHello Msflimflam, I was honestly pretty amused with the art, if there was anyone in the server you would want to add in it, who would you add?

Msflimflam: I would probably add one of the leaders or someone that is well known. I just went into main chat asking people if they wanted to be featured in it lol, all random, but I’d probably add one of the leaders.

That will wrap up this edition of Fan Art Friday. What are your thoughts on this week’s art picks? If you would like to be featured in the next one of these, you can always post in #🎨|fan-art channel. Remember to check out and react to our #iw-fall-ball event happening tomorrow! Also, make sure to look at  #📅|event-information as well as #📅|ausia-event-information because we are in preparation for the upcoming Christmas Chaos tournament. Until then Ice Warriors. Remember…

Don’t Freeze Up

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