Event Recap: November 21st-November 27th

Hweoooo Ice Warriors :3

Thank you for an amazing and dominating week. This week Ice Warriors announced that Christmas Chaos XI is on its way! This week we prepped with two great CCX training events, a PB with RPF, celebrated a hard week with our IW fall ball, that included a special announcement! Wonder what happened this week? Let’s take a look!


Congrats to Levelz on her promotion to Leader in Training!!!

Congrats to Jimmy (Grace) on their promotion to Command Officer!!

Congrats to Yoni on his promotion to Staff!!


Event Recap

CCX Tournament Training

AUSIA – November 21st

Max: 25

IW Shovel Takeover + Save Chevy Event

US/EU – November 21st

Max: 31


US/EU – November 23st

Max: 29

CCXI Training

US/EU – November 24th

Max: 34

Roast Iceyfeet Event/ Troop U-Lead

AUSIA – November 26th

Max: 31

Fall Ball

US/EU – November 27th

Max: 53

Great Job this week Ice Warriors! We are on the road to #1 this week!

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  1. WOW!1!


  2. :3


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