Troop/Staff/Recruiter of the Week: November 22th, 2021

Subzero, DrQueen’s DJ booth – Another week, another Troop/Staff of the week! As IW continues to dominate the army community, many troops and staff have stepped up to make that happen. Thanks to them attending many of our CPR events, constant recruiting, and making many of our new troops welcomed to the community, we have been able to grow bigger together as a family and dominate practice battles. Who stepped up to the plate this week? Let’s take a look.

Troops of the Week: IveliN & Hunter3

Staff of the Week: Archie & Yoni

Our troops of the week go out to IveliN & Hunter3. Hunter3 is one of our fantastic AUSIA troops who attend almost all our AUSIA events. You can always find him talking to everyone in our main chat, and he is highly approachable! Hunter3 is a great role model to our troops. IveliN is one of our newer but most active troops so far! IveliN just got promoted to Sergeant and continues to be a very active member in our main chat. Thank you for attending both of our AUSIA events this week! I cannot wait to see the great things you both achieve in IW!

Our two staff of the week goes out, Archie and Yoni! Archie, our 5ic/IW vet, has been with Ice Warriors for a long time. His loyalty and dedication to staying with the Ice Warriors for so long make him a notable staff member in the community. I saw Archie work extremely hard this week by attending some events and recruiting! If you ever need to find him, he is usually in some random VC playing and streaming his video games for the troops! Yoni, our Staff in Training, is another staff member who dominated this week. As he is always talkative in our main chat, he proudly recruits for IW and attends as many events as possible. He even attempted to lead his first event last week and did a great job! Congrats comrades.

And that’s it for this week! As CCX is approaching, maybe it’s your time to shine so you can get nominated for next week!

Live life from one high to another.

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  1. WOO Congratss!! ❤ ❤


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