Penguin Style – February 2022

Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak!!

Ah! Sorry my Puffle started to write the post when I wasn’t looking but I think that roughly translates to; Puffles are returning in CPR! I’m very excited to see my fluffy friends again and this month’s edition of Penguin Style has many Puffle themed outfits for us to celebrate with! Let’s see what kind of items they have in store.


On the fir- ACHOO! On the first page, you can find a Green Puffle Costume, Bubble Tea, a Black Puffle Costume, a Blue Puffle Costume, a Pink Life Jacket, Charm Bracelets, a Tie Dye Shirt, a Puffle Mania Shirt, a Rainbow Puffle Shirt, and a Brown Puffle Costume

ACHOO! On the second page, you can find an Orange Puffle Costume, a Purple Puffle Costume, a White Puffle Costume,a Red Puffle Costume, a Rainbow Cape, some Purple Wingwarmers, Puffle Trainers, a Puffle Groomer Outfit, a Yellow Puffle Costume, a Puffle Guide Uniform, a Puffle Hotel Cap, a Grey Puffle Costume, Gourmet O’berries and a Pink Puffle Costume

ACHOOOOOO! On the 3rd page you can find; Green Facepaint, The Lime hairstyle, a Blue Cape, The Frosting Hairstyle, Blue Face Paint, an I Love My Puffle T-Shirt and The Peppermint Hairstyle.

AHH AHH AHH ACHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! On the final page, you can find a Puffe Skate Shirt, a Blue Hip Hop Hoodie, an eReader, the Boho Hairstyle, a Puffle Flame Hoodie, a Striped Puffle Jacket, a Pink Hip Hop Hoodie, The Right On hairstyle, the Puffle Scuffle Hoodie, a Blue Puffle Hat, and a Puffle Ball Cap.


Sorry for all my sneezing! Someone must’ve brought their dog Puffle into the IWNC room! Where are those tissues?!
I hope you’re as excited for Puffles to return as I am. Which Puffle is your favorite? Mine has to be the Yellow Puffle since they like to do art, just like me! Comment your responses below!

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