Better Igloos January 2022

Ahoy Ice Warriors! CPR has released more content for the upcoming Pirate Party which I know me fellow buccaneers are excited about. Yarr me maties, walk the plank and dive right into this edition of Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades to see what treasures await ye.

On the first page ye can find; a Small Rock, Bulrushes, a Board Wave, Swinging Vines, a Wall Map, a Wall Sconce, an Old Penguin Monument, a Crab Treasure Chest, a Wall Net, a Wall Torch, a Brazier and A Bridge of Destiny

On the second page, ye can find a Dinosaur Skull, a Scroll Down Map, a Desert Island, Desert Stones, a Sand Bucket, Dinosaur Bones, a Fruit Pillar, a Rivers Edge, a Stone Lantern, a Royal Cannon, Stone Column Ruins and a Flower Planter.

On the third page ye can find, a Gold Walkway, a Golden Lava Puddle, a Tall Mushroom, a Swamp Slime, an Ectoplasm Pit, an Ectoplasm Crevasse, a Wooden Barrel, a Golden Lava Pool and a Waterfall.

On the fourth and final page, ye can find a Koi Pond, a Pitcher’s Mound, an Ogre Fence, Mysterious Mist, a Leafy Roof, a Leafy Window, Jungle Flora, an Erie Cave, a Jungle Bloom, an Evergreen Plant, Island Trinkets, a Jungle Fern, and a Patio Parasol.

There are also two new Pirate-themed Igloos out!

That’s it for this catalogue and it also wraps up our cheat posts for January! Would ye rather be a Swashbuckling Pirate or a mysterious Mermaid? Let me know in the comments!

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