Trivia Thursday #24

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you guys have had an awesome week so far! As we start to get closer to the Legends Cup tournament later in the summer, I’d like to welcome you all back to our 24th edition of Trivia Thursday! As your host for this week, I would like to congratulate Kally, Chevy and Et3rnal_Vo1d for correctly answering all six questions from last week’s post. Of course, I would also like to give a massive thank you to everyone else that took part in last week’s Trivia Thursday! I cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate your participation in these trivia posts. With that in mind, let’s have quick look at the answers from last week!

1) MEE6

2) Lucy

3) Answers to this can vary: Snow (definitely not me), Barry360, Lemonade1Sonic, IceQueen, DrQueen, Dizzy are some examples.

4) 12,000 snowflakes

5) TheNathanBoy

6) Penguin

For those that are new or aren’t aware of how our recently revamped Trivia Thursday works, the rules for it are pretty simple! In these posts, there will be 5 or more questions, to which you will post your answers down in the comments section below! These questions will often be varied between regular questions (who/what is), true or false, multiple-choice, and fill in the blank! The first three people that manage to answer all of these questions correctly will be winning Snowflakes, which you can use to buy a range of roles that can be found in the #shop channel. The winners and the answers to these questions will always be featured in next week’s post. Now that I’ve finished rambling on, let’s dive right into this week’s new questions!

1) Name two individuals that have been Staff of the Week in the past.

2) What is the name of the hat that the Ice Warriors wear as part of their CP uniform?

3) Which of these Hall of Famers are currently an IW Icon?

A) Shinde    B) Kingfunks  C) Madhav  D) Firestar

4) True or False: The first March Madness tournament IW won was in 2015.

5) Fill in the gap to this popular quote: ‘Watch this kaht ______ tho.’

6) Which Ice Warrior is notorious for her obsession with fridges?

Do you guys think you’re able to answer all six of these questions? If you do, be sure to put down your answers in the comments section down below! I’d also like to remind you all that only the first three people to get all the questions right will both win Snowflakes and be featured in next week’s trivia post. Good luck! As always, I hope you guys both enjoy this week’s questions and the rest of your amazing week!

Ice Warriors Forever!

10 Responses

  1. 1) Me/Hiro and Crazyflame
    3) C. Madhav
    4) False
    6) Chevy


  2. 1) cloudy, ben

    2) we dont have a hat in our CP uniform?

    3) Shinde

    4) True ig

    5) Fill in the gap to this popular quote: ‘Watch this kaht get faded tho.’

    QOTD: Why is this so hard


  3. 1.) Trails and Abi
    2.) Before CPR we would wear the Blue Ball Cap as a part of our uniform. Now we don’t wear a hat anymore.
    3.) Madhav
    4.) True
    5.) Get faded
    6.) Chevy


  4. 1) Josh and ReddyRed
    2) We don’t wear a hat as a required part of our uniform, unless you are Polar, then you wear the Viking Helmet
    3) Madhav
    4) true
    5) get faded
    6) Chevy


  5. 1) Kally, Kristina
    2) We have no hat currently but before it was the Blue Baseball Cap
    3) Madhav
    4) True
    5) get faded
    6) Chevy


  6. 1. trails and emma
    2.Blue ball cap
    3.None of them
    4. If my research is correct, then Yes
    5. Watch this khat get faded tho
    6. Chevy


  7. I meant 3.


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