Breaking News: Chevy promoted as next Head of IWNC!

SubZero, Ice Warrior’s News Center – Today is a very special day for the Ice Warriors News Center (IWNC). Ever since its opening, Founder/Head of IWNC, Kally, and Head/Editor of IWNC, DrQueen has been working nonstop to bring quality and fun content to the IW community. Our aim is to provide fun articles where members can interact with and learn all the inside scoops about IW, but also provide and teach our reporters the importance of proper writing to help them in the real world.

As of today, We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Chevy as the next Head of the Ice Warrior’s News Center!

Banner created by IWNC reporter, Subster

Chevy has been a key asset to the development of IWNC. In her role former role as a co-head of IWNC, she was heavily involved with working with our reporters and always providing ideas to help IWNC produce fresh content for the troops and also figuring out ideas of how to make troops feel involved within our articles. On the behalf of Kally and DrQueen, we are nothing but proud of how far you have come in IWNC and we are excited to work with you and continue to make IWNC grow even better but stronger.

Before we sign off, please enjoy some expose pictures of Chevy in our IWNC Reporter’s room.

Where it all started…this is the moment IWNC knew this department was turning into chaos…



Congrats Chevy! We are super excited to work with you! Love always

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  1. I AM CRY?

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  2. Congrats chevy :3

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  3. Congrats Chevy! ❤

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