MEE6’s Love/Hate Relationships Q&A

Why hello there Ice Warriors,

As we approach the Legends Cup tournament, and the globe warms up and cools down. We grow stronger and bigger as an army, and as a family also. It is worth mentioning a brand new fresh out the oven promotion, which was long waited for the past couple of months. A huge congratulations to our brand new LeaderIceQueen! Very well deserved promotion, we love you IceQueen.

As of today’s Questions & Answers article, we will be going around the server and questioning some of our troops and staff members… Why is MEE6 so disliked lately? This question has been going around a lot in the past few days, quite a curious matter since MEE6 has been on the IW Server for quite some time. With a couple of articles giving their own opinions. There have been debates on why this is, whether MEE6 should be demoted or not. But look no further! As for today, those questions may or may not be answered. Let’s go!


What are your thoughts on the Bot MEE6 being hated on constantly?

IW Livia: My thoughts are that I really hate when I do something and then Bot MEE6 mutes me for some time. So yeah.

What is your favorite Bot in the IW server? And why?
msflimflam: I’d say its the Idle miner bot that’s my favorite, and why? Well, minecraft is a classic game and the Idle Miner bot is there for people who can’t afford the actual true minecraft experience
Turbo: I honestly never had a favorite until IW brought back the Uno game and bot and I just enjoyed that game so I’d say the Uno bot is the one
Sawkri: the nightbot because it tells us when events are going to start
DelightedGOYAL: MEE6 because it reminds us when events are and also gives you access to set up birthdays, buy custom roles with snowflakes (my favourite :3) and much more giving a special kind of feel in the IW discord server!

evilvengeancebibao: Idle Miner because it is like a minecraft built into discord and you can upgrade pickaxes and backpacks and rebirth

What aspects of MEE6 do you like the most? Which are the least?
Trails: MEE6 is the sweetest person alive that I’ve ever seen, so kind and funny I can DIE for this person :uwu:. He’s really good at cooking. He cleans and makes sure everything is organized and that nothing is lost -wink wink- He makes sure everyone in every server is following the rules or else u get a warning, duh! And that puts people on their place not to break any rules (: MEE6 is the most wonderful person alive, no one can change my mind and no one can ban him. If u do , you ban me too , fight me. There is nothing bad about MEE6 my beloved!
dino chip: I honestly don’t know. He’s a good bot and all but he gives too many notifications.
There you have it! It’s really interesting to see other people’s opinions on the matter. It gives the sensation of diversity on the server. I guess we could say MEE6 is not as bad as some might say, or maybe is the opposite? Perhaps we’ll never know the exact answer.
Thank you all for putting time into reading this post! I think it is worth mentioning the winner of the UEFA EURO Cup 2020. So congratulations to Italy on winning that well-deserved trophy, and to England for putting such an intense, but yet interesting match. As always, make sure you keep a close eye on our new upcoming events, as well as #announcements, and don’t forget to keep on being awesome and chill.
Shinzou Wo Sasageyo

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  1. mee6 is an annoying bot in my opinion.


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